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    Default Any Stargate model ship kits?

    When i was younger i built a few Star Trek model ships (glue and paint,etc...) and i was wondering if since Stargate now has numerous ship types from many different species if there were any on the market. I would really love to do a model stargate and Atlantis city, but any would be cool (deaddy, prommie, 302, etc...)

    Im between jobs right now and have a lot of time on my hands and feel like doing something creative.


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    Default Re: Any Stargate model ship kits?

    There aren't any officially licensed kits for Stargate, but there are a lot of "fan" and independently produced unlicensed model kits. If you search around the ol' interweb, you'll probably be able to find them. They show up on ebay as well. I'm sure other members who who know of specific sites will chime in as well.

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    Default Re: Any Stargate model ship kits?

    You can gets kits from the Stargate feature film which I have seen on eBay. There is a death glider and that strange camel like creature that Daniel is dragged across the desert by (who's head also appears in the pilots of SG1 and Atlantis as a tasty dish coincidentally!) There are also Horus and Anubis jaffa from the film and RA. I have also seen a full size replicator which was about $500 but it looked very cool.

    I would get you a link but they are not up for auction at the current time although i have seen them recently.

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