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    Default Will we get an in depth look at inter colony dynamics?

    They have been lightly touching on this, how the colonies people interact with each other and themselves. Case in point the one episode that Roslin decided abortion was illegal for the sake of trying to encourage population growth. A girl went to see the doc on the galactica and the colony from where she was from viewed that as a sin and it was said that they might have even beaten her if she returned. Other examples are one colony taking whats said in the scrolls litterally. Now, according to section of the site for gallactica, we seem to have an episode like that coming up where medical services seem to be refused to a certain group of colonials.

    I dont know if I missed an episode, or if there is information somewhere that covers this, but if there isnt, do you think we will eventually find out what it means if you are from such and such colony to someone from another colony? Is this a throw back to the orginal serise?

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    Default Re: Will we get an in depth look at inter colony dynamics?

    Any thing like that would be saved for the "Caprica" spin-off. It is still in the air and would have a lot of what your talking about.
    Trek Girl42 posted a great update a little bit ago:
    Quote Originally Posted by Trek_Girl42 View Post
    Go to for a clip of an RDM interview giving the update on Caprica (it aired on tv a couple days ago, so the interview itself is probably about a week old).
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    Default Re: Will we get an in depth look at inter colony dynamics?

    I would rather see this than the interworkings of the cylons. Unfortuantly, the writers decided to go the cylon route instead of sticking to the human story.

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    Wraith Re: Will we get an in depth look at inter colony dynamics?

    the thing about going the cylon route is that they are using up good merterial too early

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    Default Re: Will we get an in depth look at inter colony dynamics?

    I think there is a reason why they have been giving us the Cylon story. To me, we are supposed to be seeing the Cylons not as just the "bad guy", just as we aren't supposed to see the Fleet as just the "good guy". TPTB are trying to blur the lines and present both the good and bad with each side. Going back to the "all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again" cycle of time, it seems to me that the time is coming that the Cylons and humans will live together on Earth, just as the Gods and humans did on Kobol. For that reason, as the viewers we need to be able to see the Cylons as "people" instead of machines, just the those in the Fleet will need to do.

    As for the Colonial dynamics, we get little hints dropped here and there about the relationships between the Colonies. Caprica seems to be the "capital' for lack of a better term. That is where the central government is located. Geminon seems to be the more "religious" colony, as they are the ones who believe in the literal translation of the scrolls. They were also the ones who opposed the abortion. The Sagitarrons seems to be looked down upon by the rest. This was alluded to with Zarek and
    is supposed to come up again in the upcoming episode "The Woman King", when a doctor is accused of withholding treatment from Sagitarrons bsed on his own personal bias.
    . Also in the ep Hero, there was a brief mention of the Taurons, who seem to be the "outlaw" colony. They were supposedly drilling for tillium close to the armistice border, even though they were told not to. At least that was the cover story that the Admiralty made up to cover the actual mission.

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    Default Re: Will we get an in depth look at inter colony dynamics?

    Didn't TPTB also toy with the idea of Tauron being a matriachal society?

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