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    Default Re: The Woman King (313)

    Quote Originally Posted by BubblingOverWithIdeas View Post
    Not just Sagittarons. There was always a problem of too many people and not enough space, and it only got worse after ships were dismantled for the colonization of New Caprica and lost in "The Passage".

    Deleted scenes being referenced in the Previously On Battlestar Galactica is very common. The first time was in "Kobol's Last Gleaming".
    Ah, I understand. I should go back and watch that episode now. Thanks!

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    Default Re: The Woman King (313)

    I thought the plot was fundementally flawed.
    I agree having an episode about the tensions between the varying colonists along "racist" lines is interesting and it had to be done eventually as such tensions would increase as time goes by, resources and space on ships gets smaller. What gets me is exactly what the "difference" was.
    It had been said that the saggies had avoided medicine for over a 1000 years. Now look at what earth has suffered from so far as infections etc in such a time frame. Black death, plague, aids, flu of Lord only knows how many types, and some of them killed milions, scarlet fever, diptheria, cholera, the list goes on and on. A cup of stinky tea is not going to cure that lot.
    A 1000 years would have seen them dropping like flies and due to natural selection only the ones who had less strict views would have survived.
    Even if they did survive by genetic well being and natural selection they would have real short life spans.
    This took the plot out of the realm where I could suspend belief.
    The doctor wouldn't have had to bother killing off patients, they do it themselves.

    Another reason for overcrowding was loosing a ship or 2 when the went to the algie planet.

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    Default Re: The Woman King (313)


    1. Helo pulls his fist right back and...WHAM!

    2. I expected Hera to get sick.

    3. Head-Baltar. Wonder what Roslyn made of 'that' reaction?

    4. Zarek wanting martial law? Yeah right!

    5. OK, could someone explain why the audio on the bonus scene was so warped that my Dad is dead cert it's fake?

    Overall, this ep had it's moments. Known better, known worse.

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    Default Re: The Woman King (313)

    I loved this episode:

    People can say its flawed and so forth, but heres how I see it:

    1) BSG has always been about the gritty side of life - not just about space battles and big explosions but also humanity - its sexy and ugly sides.

    And thats what we saw - not enough space after the exodus and racial differences.

    2) The reason the three tops : Adama, Tigh and Cottle are probably reluctant to look into it is because it IS a civilian matter more than any other - civilians and civilian Dr - they cant be seen to be intervening in ALL matters.

    Yes they were a bit blunt but it could easily of turned into a "miltiary trying to do everything" / people vs military.

    We like to see it as our people being stubborn but it would be a very political matter...

    One was an experiment made to cause destruction in any condition except water, the other was an aquatic expermiment to destroy the world...but in the end...Stitch and Nim: They made an amazing Hula team

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    Default Re: The Woman King (314)

    Pointless, contrived, filler episode. I feel starved of Tigh-ness in the last few episodes, so I was grateful that there was lots of him in this one, but he was certainly OOC. At least they let him be one who helped save the day in the end rather than have Lee turn up to save Dee (except it turned out she didn't need saving...). But I really don't see Tigh letting his personal feelings influence his judgment in the way he did in this episode - that's exactly what he doesn't do.

    And I don't understand anything about this drug that cures the disease when it has already taken hold and can also be used to inoculate against it - or were there two different drugs, both in short supply? - Usually someone, say Baltar, would be able to develop a cure or a vaccine and then manufacture as much of it as was needed in no time at all, so how come they couldn't do the same here? If they had got Baltar to make a cure then he could have redeemed himself, couldn't he?

    It's one of those episodes where the more I think about it, the less sense it makes, so I shall stop thinking about it now.
    Please... leave the touching to the experts.

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    Default Re: The Woman King (314)

    Quote Originally Posted by Catsitter View Post

    It's one of those episodes where the more I think about it, the less sense it makes, so I shall stop thinking about it now.

    Yeah, I watched it last night and was basically just trying to get through it. I didn't mind some things about it, but it just didn't work overall for me.

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