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Thread: Primer?

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    Default Primer?

    Do you guys have a primer for the series?

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    Default Re: Primer?

    There is a primer that covers the first season. It's up on SG-Universe:

    Part One can be found here:

    And this is the link to Part Pwo:

    Of course, a lot of things have happened since then. It would be a good idea to have an updated primer covering the first three seasons, which we'd release once Season Three finishes its run.

    I will say also, though, that I don't think it's too hard to catch up if you start reading at a later point. I always say this is just like a TV show, which also includes writing it so that new audience members/readers can join the show pretty much at any point. If necessary, there's previously on sequences, and if not it just means that everything is explained in the dialogue. Like in the case of all shows, it's probably a richer experience if you're familiar with all the backstories and the previous seasons, but you shouldn't have any problems when it comes to understanding what's going on.
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