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Starburst #315, New Season 2004
(Reference #315)

116 pages

Reviews: TV – Expanded Sealed! section

We want our Sci-Fi TV! This issue we’ll be turning our attention to the latest addition to the Stargate brood, Stargate Atlantis as well as:

Stargate: SG-1
Kingdom Hospital
The Dead Zone
Dead Like Me

We have a batch of heroes to strike fear into the hearts of wrong-doers everywhere
• Scott Bakula, aka Star Trek: Enterprise’s Captain Jonathan Archer, tells us how the new season is shaping up
• The release of the original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD is just around the corner and we’ll be taking a look back at this classic epic
• Angel’s Andy Hallett gives us a masterclass in make-up removal

Special Sealed section: Doctor Who 2005
Packed full of new photos from the series and a report from the location shooting.

Lost A plane crash, an island, a monster, and a cast of 50 awaits us in this new and mysterious US TV show.

Spoofs! With a new Star Trek spoof movie attracting huge audiences in Germany, we pose the question: Sci-Fi spoofs: Funny, how?

Babylon 5 / Crusade The lovely Carrie Dobro joins us to look back on her time in these fine shows, as well as pondering why Sci-Fi produces strong female characters

Battlestar Galactica Jamie Bamber aka Captain Lee ‘Apollo’ Adams gives us a taste of what we can expect…

Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow Jude Law gives us a few notes on how to star in and produce the new adventure movie

Star Trek To mark the launch of the original series on DVD, we go right back to the beginning of Trek to discover how it all began

The Incredibles Director Brad Bird talks to us at the recent Comic Con about creating a new brand of ‘heroes’

Firefly: Serenity Joss Whedon and his Firefly team talk up the new spin-off movie of the Sci-Fi show

Batman Begins Screenwriter David Goyer gives us a glimpse behind the mask of the new Bat movie!

Stephen Baxter The acclaimed author discusses his new book, co-written with Arthur C Clarke, and how satellites may be watching us…

With a look at new cinema releases, with I, Robot, Catwoman, The Village and Trauma

Our usual detailed look at all the new Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, film and TV releases both new and old on DVD, and we check out the best new collectables… With a special sealed and expanded section of the latest and up-to-date TV Reviews covering Stargate SG-1 Season Eight, Stargate Atlantis, Kingdom Hospital, The Dead Zone and Dead Like Me

And Trailer Park Our witty caption writer has a look at Team America




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