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    Arrow2 Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best Good Guy for me is Major General Jack O'neill, with Daniel and Sam coming in a close second. I prefer John Sheppard over Cameron Mitchell any day of the week, even though the character has grown on me... well a little bit.

    The worse good guy is Ronan Dex, Tyl'c would destroy him!

    The best bad guy's have got to be the Ori. Adding Adria to the line up may not have been a good idea because personally i feel that the Ori were better when they were this all powerful mysterious presence.

    I have to say the worst bad guy has got to be Ba'al. I like the fact that he show's a more human side but even when he was torturing then Colonel Jack O'neill in s6 'Abyss' he wasn't threatening or even dangerous. The only thing scary about him was his goaty beard hahaha

    I would love to here what everyone's opinions are about there favourite and worst characters...

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    My Favourite 'Good Guy' is Jack, he makes me laugh,
    My worst is John Sheppard, he gets on my
    My favourite 'Bad Guy' is Michael, but is he a bad guy?
    My worst is the Ori, I just don't like them

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    BEST GOOD GUY: Jack O'Neill........need I to explain more?

    WORST GOOD GUY: Does Kavanugh count? I just want to send him to a deserted planet and leave him there with no food or water.........see how he feels about being left behind....

    BEST BAD GUY: Ba'al, hands down. The guy is the most resilient of the Goa'uld and never plays like he's defeated. He may have been shot or surrounded but he'll always have that great big smirk on his face. A bad guy doesn't get any better than that!!!!

    WORST BAD GUY: Anubis.......I mean, come on, who really talks like that? He looks like a oil slik......more funny than frightening.....

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Bar none, Jack O'Neill is the best stargate character. He's strong, strategic, smart and most importantly, funny.

    As for the worst, the only one that's coming to mind right now is Lt. Ford, but I'm sure there are others I think less of. I never warmed up to Ford in the first season and he got a bit cooler in the second, but I still didn't like him.

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best good guy: JOHN SHEPPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Worst good guyS: mr "perfect" CAMERON MITCHELL or little miss "perfect" SAM CARTER
    Best bad guy: KOLYA!!!!!!!!
    Worst Bad guyS: The ORI

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best Good Guy: Sam Carter. Hey, the woman blew up a sun!
    Worst Good Guy: Hmmm, I really like them all. If I have to answer I'd say Ambassador Joe (not too mention the whole 2010 thing). He wasn't around long enough to really like or dislike him, but he did sacrifice himself so Sam could warn the SGC about the Aschen.

    Best Villian: I really loved the replicators.
    Worst Villian: Sorry, but I'm only luke warm about the Ori. I like Adria, but the priors bore me to tears.
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    Arrow2 Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Just reading a few of the responces to my previous thread, I really like Sheppard, he reminds me of the way Jack used to be at the start of the show. However that also i feel is his downfall, he's to much like him. Does that make sense or am i going crazy?
    I think Ronan adds nothing to Atlantis, not the way Tyl'c balances SG1. I really like Weir, her compassion and her ability to turn on the stern authoritive figure role at the drop of a hat is great. I think Rodney is way better than Carter as a character, i do think she's one of the prettiest actors of any genre tho.

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best good guy to me, hands down is Sheppard. Actually, I see a lot of traits the same betwen him and Jack (and yes, I do like Jack and SG1!) but I don't see him as being too similar. I think its more that they both fit the "mold" of officers that seem to do well in the Stargate universe They're both unorthodox, don't mind sticking it to the man and have a strong internal (could call it moral) compass that they follow.

    But, Sheppard has more "dark" aspects to his persona than Jack does. His "ghosts" are different than Jack's and that makes for a different character.

    Worst good guy? Jonas. *ducks* What can I say? He seemed to be a warm body place holder for Daniel (IMHO)

    Best bad guy? Can that be a species? The Wraith. Terrifying. Thought the Gould were bad, but the Wraith? They don't take you as a host, they suck the life out of you. Vampires from he**. *G* Specific individuals: Michael and "Bob" (From Seige I) Michael adds a lot of depth to the Wraith species, and Bob was just kick a** bad. LOL Have to throw the unamed Wraith from TDO in there too, if you're talking kick a** bad Wraith and the unnamed Wraith from CG if you're talking exploring the species.

    Worst bad guy? hmm.. there have been a couple Have to think on that one...
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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    I'll try to make a top 5 for each category (only SG-1)
    Best good guy:

    2.Carter (not Sam I can't stand the woman)

    Worst good guy:

    3.Mckay (only when he's acting up to Carter)

    Best villain

    1.Replicarter (shouldn't have killed her)

    Worst villain

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    Smile Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best good guy hands down is Jack. Second is Shephard. What can I say? I love a hero. Shep is different from Jack who never really flirted with the girls except under the influence of drugs. Shephard is a naturally charming guy.

    Best bad guys were the human replicators. They were really scary including replicator Carter.

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc


    Best good guy - Jack O'Neill hands down.
    Best good girl - Sam
    Worst good guy - Cameron Mitchell (He bugs me a bit)
    Worst good girl - Erm...
    Best bad guy - Ba'al.
    Best bad girl - Sarah/Osiris.
    Worst bad guy - Has to be the Ori. They bore the heck out of me.
    Worst bad girl - Can't think of one.


    Best good guy - Not fair there's loads. John, Ronon, Carson, Rodney.
    Best good girl - Elizabeth.
    Worst good guy - Ford, although I hate Kavanagh.
    Worst good girl - Is there one???
    Best bad guy - Michael + Kolya!!!
    Best bad girl - Sora.
    Worst bad guy - Now what are their names??? The Alterans.
    Worst bad girl - there one???

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    Red face Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    I have lots of favourites, but I have to say- and I hope I'm allowed to say this- I cannot stand the character of Dr Carson Beckett. A lot of the time the writers make him look ridiculous... I really like Paul McGillion, but have to say I won't miss him from SGA. The way they sometimes have him bustling about like an old woman reminds me too much of Dustin Hoffmann in Tootsie.

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best good guys: Sheppard, O'Neill, Teal'c, Beckett
    Best good girls: Weir, Carter
    Worst good guys: Mitchell
    Worst good girl: Vala

    Best bad guy: Ba'al
    Best bad girl: Adria
    Worst bad guy: The Ori
    Worst bad girl: Osiris

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best good guy? McKay. All those wonderful personality flaws that make him a human character and yet still saves the day regularly.

    Worst good guy? Agent Barett. He serves no purpose other than to fill screentime with pitiful attempts to hit on Carter.

    Best bad guy? Koyla. Koyla is an evil version of Sheppard, so that makes him a great dramatic foil to have on Atlantis.

    Worst bad guy? Anubis. The writers were unable to get themselves out of the rut of relying on him. "We killed him!" "Nope, we have to bring him back somehow." "We killed him again!" "Nope, bring him back." Repeat ad nauseum.

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    Sam Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best good:
    Guy? Jack (With Daniel in Second)
    Girl? Sam (with Janet in second)
    Worst Good
    Guy? McKay
    Girl? Vala

    Best Bad:
    Guy? Fifth
    Girl? Replicarter
    Worst Bad:
    Guy? The Ori
    Girl? Nirrti


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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc


    Best good guy - Daniel
    Best good girl - Vala
    Worst good guy - Cameron
    Worst good girl - n/a (I want to say Sam, but really she isn't bad enough to justify a worst catagory)
    Best bad guy - Ba'al (with Fifth as a close second)
    Best bad girl - RepliCarter
    Worst bad guy - the Ori.
    Worst bad girl - Hathor (didn't really think much of her)


    Best good guy - erm...erm...I love them all...Sheppard, Carson, McKay, Lorne
    Best good girl - Elizabeth.
    Worst good guy - Ford
    Worst good girl - Teyla. (Sorry. She has bugged me since day 1)
    Best bad guy - Michael
    Best bad girl - the Wraith Queens are cool.
    Worst bad guy - n/a
    Worst bad girl - n/a

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best Good Character
    Worst Good Character
    Best Bad Character
    Worst Bad Character

    "Out of the Abyss" (SJ Angst)....................Best New Author.................."Else Close the Wall Up" (Sam)
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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Taking SazZat's lead:


    Best good guy - Jack
    Best good girl - Janet
    Worst good guy - Daniel
    Worst good girl - Probably Sam now
    Best bad guy - Ba'al
    Best bad girl - Nirrti
    Worst bad guy - the Ori
    Worst bad girl - Osiris


    Best good guy - Rodney
    Best good girl - Elizabeth
    Worst good guy - NONE!
    Worst good girl - Teyla
    Best bad guy - Wraith in Defiant One
    Best bad girl - Wraith Queen in Rising
    Worst bad guy - Niam
    Worst bad girl - Wraith Queen at the end of S2

    Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)

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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best Goods:
    Sheppard (Mitchell has been growing on me though)
    Vala (she's not your typical "good girl")

    Worst Goods:
    Walter (HATE him)
    Teyla (she doesn't DO anything)

    Best Bads:

    Worst Bads:
    The Lucian Alliance


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    Default Re: Best and Worse Stargate Characters etc

    Best good guy: O'Neill He's a hero, he's handsome, he's smart, he's funny, he's loyal, he's dedicated, he's a soldier.. Wowness...
    Worst good guy: Landry... He's just boring... And annoying..

    Best bad guy: Ba'al! Or Maybourne. Hmmm.
    Worst bad guy: Kinsey. Hands down. Oh, I wanted to throttle him every time he came on. I don't think I've ever disliked a character quite so much as Kinsey... *shudder* Sig by SamJackShipLover, thank you!!

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