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    Default Marathon : Nov 29th

    Although HEROES airs on NBC, it 'repurposes' quite frequently on SciFi, its sister network. From

    Catch up from the beginning (as the ad said)

    • Heroes - "Pilot"
    SCIFI, Wed Nov 29 06:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Don't Look Back"
    SCIFI, Wed Nov 29 07:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "One Giant Leap"
    SCIFI, Wed Nov 29 08:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Collision"
    SCIFI, Wed Nov 29 09:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Hiro's"
    SCIFI, Wed Nov 29 10:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Better Halves"
    SCIFI, Wed Nov 29 11:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Six Months Ago"
    SCIFI, Fri Dec 01 07:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Fallout"
    WNBC, Mon Dec 04 09:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Fallout"
    WVIT, Mon Dec 04 09:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Fallout"
    WNBCDT, Mon Dec 04 09:00pm EST

    • Heroes - "Fallout"
    SCIFI, Fri Dec 08 07:00pm EST

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    TV Re: Marathon : Nov 29th

    What a perfect way for newbies as well as current viewers to catch up just before the mid-season finale on Dec 4. Nice move on NBC/SciFi's part though it's weird that eps 7-9 seem to be missing (?)

    Prion - thanks for posting. Great to see an SGA, LJ and now, Heroes buddy here! -lis
    Lost In Space - wherever I am is where I'm supposed to be (aka my geek blog)
    Thanks to ileliberte for permission to share her amazing art

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    Default Re: Marathon : Nov 29th

    Thanks prion for posting this updated listing. Nice job.

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    Default Re: Marathon : Nov 29th

    That is very smart- good on Sci-fi! I just wish we'd get repeats up here.....*cough*someone turned off the VCR timer to watch muchmusic, so I didn't get last night's ep recorded for a repeat viewing.

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