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STARGATE SG-1 - "Affinity"
(Original air date 08/20/04)


It's a quiet day in Colorado Springs until a car full of jerks slams into the back of the car they were tailgating. When the driver stands up to them, they opt to get rough. In comes Teal'c, who coaches the thugs on proper collision procedure before they decide to up the notch on their belt and beat on the Jaffa. Right. That's gonna work. Teal'c takes them down, no trouble whatsoever. As the song playing in the background proclaims, "He's the Man".

**snippity doo-dah**

Affinity is one big subplot crammed into a single episode. The pacing is awful, it's all rushed and sacrifices a lot of great background ideas that could have developed the characters in unimaginable ways into a throwaway episode to explain why Teal'c isn't ready for the world and Sam isn't ready for love.

To close, I know why Sam said Yes. It was because of what O'Neill said: Pete's a smart guy. He knows the risks. And to be able to work with Pete, to see that he really does see Sam as an amazing woman when he himself is an amazing man, that's why she said yes.

Does it work? No. But it makes sense. I just hope the Pete doesn't die a few episodes down the line. I'm already losing faith; that would be abuse.


O'Neill: "If you had saved Earth from total annihilation a couple of times and your government told you you couldn't go out and play, wouldn't you consider it more a guideline than a rule?"

O'Neill: "Don't be so dramatic, Dick. It'll give you gas."

Daniel: "I love what you're doing with the place, sort of a Jaffa chic with east African flair."

Daniel: "How's the fern doing? (sees it's not doing well) I don't suppose you've tried talking to it."

Krista: "The cookies were a bribe. My pipes are doing that thing again."

Daniel: "Every rule has its exceptions."

Pete: "I'm still getting used to the fact that my girlfriend's a super hero."

Carter: "Any other guy would have freaked out and run away."
Pete: "You didn't run away when I stalked you."

Teal'c: "If it were private you would not be conducting it in the hallway."

Daniel: "In ancient persia if a girl died a virgin they would go so far as to marry her corpse off before burial."
Carter: "That's horrible!"
Daniel: "Well, the groom usually was quite well paid."

Carter: "Teal'c how do Jaffa couples handle their problems?"
Teal'c: "On Chulak if a dispute is unresolved it neccessitates a pledge break. It must be requested by one and accepted by the other."
Daniel: "And if that doesn't work?"
Teal'c: "A weapon is required."

Teal'c: "If you ever injure her again, I will kill you where you stand."

O'Neill: "I never thought I would hear myself utter these words: I need that report."

O'Neill: "You haven't tried to confuse me with scientific babble for the last couple of days and that's a red flag to me."

Pete: "Just another day at the office."
Carter: "Yes."
Pete: "Figures you'd be used to it by now."
Carter: "No...I mean...Yes."

Next Week: - "Covenant" Carter's old chum Alec Colson proclaims to have proof that the government is hiding alien life. He demands the government reveal the truth before he does, prompting Carter to bring him to Alpha Site.

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