The Ori are making many converts these days in our galaxy. Admitedly most are from back-water human worlds with hardly anything above a mideavil advancement.

However, we have seen an affect on some of the other SG races:

The Goa'uld -
Neros became a servant of the Ori in season 9

The Rand -
Their leaders became puppets of the Ori and created the Ethon Satelite that oblitorated Prometheus in season 9

And according to Counterstrike, the Ori have either
converted Habridand and Langaria, or completely destroyed them

In short, all of these worlds are falling to the Ori, and their MW legions are growing in number. Human follower soldiers are a given, and we've seen their infilitration into some of the remaining Goa'uld. My question is, will we start to see other civilizations that have converted attack Earth?

Will we see ships built by converted civilizations fight along side the Ori mother ships? The Habridand seem to have plenty of ships. There's a lot of Goa'uld tech floating around in our Galaxy. We'll we ever see Unas foot soldiers fighting alongside the totally badical Ori human army? How about a priorized Goa'uld or Serrikan?

Surely the Ori aren't so arrogant as to not rely on resources that can be easily at their disposal, as seen with
the Ethon satelite.

Hopefully the last three episodes of season ten will contain some of these aspects that really need to be explored.