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    Default Michael akin to Frankenstein's Creature

    In this last week I have been reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (original 1818 version) and working on formal analysis the narative for my literature class. As I was going over the narrative and I noticed some striking similar between Michael and the Creature. I was thinking it may have been possible that TPTB were influenced by Mary Shelley.

    It seems the Michael is now a basically a hybrid, not quite human and completely wraith to this end he was creatured. As a wraith he never asked to be made human or have an identity bestowed upon through the instrument of a retrovirus. Similar to Shelley's Creature who was created by knowledge Victor Frankenstein gained through the study of sciences. The Creature never asked to be pieced together and reanimated. For the most part, what the Creature experiences is the abandonment of a creator and the intolerant nature of society not yet ready to accept the a living golem. Michael in his "awakening" the people of atlantis are weary of his true nature and endeavor to hide it and control him. The AE were intolerant of Michael. Even after he realized his true nature the were injust cruel removing him from the society and banishing to imprisonment on the Alpha Site. Micheal still experiences the social injustices of the Hive after he is accepts back into there ranks.

    Hopefully that is likely comparison ... what does everyone else have to say about this topic?

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    Default Re: Michael akin to Frankenstein's Creature

    It has always been assumed that the Wraith were based on Vampires, take for instance in 'Misbegotten' the white haired Wraith turned Human looked almost like Dracula from Buffy but I have to admit that I also see some similarities to Frankenstein's monster.

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