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    Post "Childhood's End" a Zap2It Friday Best Bet - 8/13

    From Zap2It:,1002,584|||20040813%5FDATETIME%3A3269864474,00.html

    TV Best Bets for Friday, August 13
    By Courtney Potter

    Stargate Atlantis
    10:00 PM - SCI FI

    There have been many cinematic interpretations of Atlantis. In 2001's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," a cartoon explorer (voiced by Michael J. Fox) joins a rag-tag crew on a trip to the lost continent. It seems we humans have been intrigued by this story for hundreds of years; leave it to Sci Fi to incorporate into a hit TV show. Tonight, the Stargate team discovers a tribe of children whose beliefs lead them to ritual suicide. Okay -- so then how to they continue the tribe? The questions, and more, will hopefully be answered by 11 p.m.




    Richard Dean Anderson Fans

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    Default Re: "Childhood's End" a Zap2It Friday Best Bet - 8/13

    Is stargate just always the best bet?

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