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    Noticed it was on TV again maybe its a joke since Robert Patrick isn't human he's a T-1000

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    Love this episode! SG1 in Atlantis, supergate, and exploding ships-- what's not to love.

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    well.... i was reading comments and someone was upset about Daniels emotions on seeing atlantis, maybe he was soured or bitter because he was where he would have dreamed to be for ages since his childhood, but everything that really mattered, Vala's Daughter, humanity across the galaxies, was all threatened by things that shouldnt threaten them, and a nemesis that thier deities helped create and didnt even bother to prepare humanity to be strong enough to resist them in full force

    but you know its one of those bitter half truths, i suppose you could argue the mentalities of the ancients is delicate and proper preparation, not overwhelming strength, a complete change in practice and preparation due to their war with the wraith going so poorly due to arrogance and aiming to be stronger rather then wiser and more nimble in how they used thier strengths

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    Time dilation goof:

    If the modulated audio, is let's say 2x slower, that's because the carrier wave is also 2x lower. So I'm willing to suspend disbelief with regards to radio receivers that can detect and demodulate a carrier between UHF and long waves. But if one end has stretched (low pitch voice), then the other end should get compressed (high pitch voice)...

    That's just basic relativity. Even Star Trek showed how it's done twice in Voyager.

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