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Thread: The Storm (110)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombies Rise from the Sea View Post
    The Storm

    It even manages to incorporate some of that Stargate humor people know, with Shephard being forced to walk long distances and the small conversations regarding things such as bacon; it may be lessened but it does show that the Stargate guys know how to have fun even during a serious time such as this. Stargate two-parters have always had some form of humor included, particularly to break up the monotony; who knows why they were included but they certainly form an element as to what makes these two-parters the experience that they are. A two parter without jokes is kind of like New Years Eve without the dropping ball, competent but not special; these jokes are what makes these specials what they are and I'm glad they haven't forgotten about that.
    In the commentary, the writer Martin Gero stated that he included the bacon conversation as a quick way for the audiance to connect with these guys before they were killed off . . . because everybody loves bacon. (Well, I suppose the Jewish and Muslim audiance might not have as strong a connection with these characters.)

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    Great episode ya cant beat Season 1

    Kenton Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlndncr View Post

    On the other hand, the situation on Atlantis does give us the chance to see Shep shine in his natural element as a military man.
    and he's wet

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    Science Fiction about lightning and Lightning rods again! A Sci-Fi program should have ist Basic science right. Lightning rods bleed off the Charge before there is a lightning strike. If lightning strikes them or the building, they have failed. The pointy things bleed Charge, round things hold Charge allowing the voltage to build to a Point where a strike happens. The other science fiction I hate is the electric line in the bathtub or Swimming pool. Unless you are the ONLY path for the electricity, only the circuit braker Flips; the electricity never goes through anyone just sitting in the water..

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