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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    Not a bad ep. Teal'c duel wielding staff weapons was pretty cool. Wouldn't have expected to see Ishta and the gang again so soon.

    One thing that annoyed me was how during the ambush the Jaffa stood there for so damn long while they were getting shot at. Gah Teal'c told you to get down like 5 mins ago.

    One thing I noticed in this ep is the colour of Goa'uld eye flash. Being gold. Didn't it start out as white?

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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    Did anyone notice Jack was wearing sandals while playing ping pong with Teal'c? I know Jack is "The Man" and all but how would he get away with that on base?

    And Tailgate Tuesdays? LOL

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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    I really want to know what the Rite of Ornoc is.

    I don't mind this one to much. I hate S8 because of its lack of being offworld. And while the writers seem reluctant to show SG1 without Jack at least I got to see some offworld action in this episode. I find myself interested in the Teal'c and Ishta stuff and not caring that much about Ry'ac's wedding. It was mostly just another plot device to fuel the tension between the two. Ultimately Teal'c is right about looking at the bigger picture but hindsight is a wonderful thing. The action through the planet was wondeful to see especially when the Moloc Jaffa aimed the missle at Moloc
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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    Another ep of SG1...

    1. As I said back in '04, this one was mad.

    2. I did like Jack passing the ball to Bra'tac here.

    3. Also forgot about Teal'c's distrust of Aron!

    4. And that ping pong ball must have hurt!

    Still fun!

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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    Didn't like the wedding but thought it was ok over all. Probably one that I would skip the next time through even though I am a Tealc fan. I did like the double staff weapon bit.

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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    Well, the wedding was odd, but not as odd as horses walking through the coridors. That Ishy girl or whatever her name is, maybe Ishta, was kinda annoying. Too stuborn. She thought the by killing Goa'uld, she would feel free, she didn't understand that she was already free, and what she was doing was to liberate her people. And instead of choosing the wise way, she just chooses the jaffa thing like Teal'c did wit Tanith.

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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    Meh. Jaffa culture never caught my interest, and Ry'ac is like a repellent to me. I could easily skip this one on my next re-watch.

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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    Finally. Season eight, you are a strange creature.

    I've come to realize that I admire nearly every episode focusing on Teal'c, even though I've never considered him to be one of my favorite characters, nor do I care that much for Jaffa politics. Huh.

    I wasn't even looking forward to seeing Ishta again, but I loved her confrontation with Teal'c at the SGC and their ongoing tension off-world. It was also nice seeing changes for the next generation in Rya'c and Kar'yn.

    I suppose it was a relief to get back to a Goa'uld plot, even if it wasn't the main story. There also seemed to be more humor in this ep than in the last few. (Looking at you, Bra'tac!) That or my memory is just terrible.

    Oh, but the horse squishing Jack and Sam to the wall as it passes, hindquarters swaying as it clops down the hall? The best scene.
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    Default Re: Sacrifices (809)

    This episode really does remind me how much I dislike Jolene Blalock as an actress. Way too wooden, way too many hissy-fits, the feminism was was over the top IMHO.

    Rya'c and Kareem (sp?) need to grow up a little....but the wedding was nice.

    Not one of my favourites.
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    Earth Symbol Re: Sacrifices (809)

    A bit different but not boring. Rya'c is growing up, Teal'c in love (?) and General O'Neill no longer the master in his own house - gambling kids, attractive women, smelly horses - who can concentrate under such circumstances?
    Nice off-world action.
    Wonderful wedding scene - especially the rehearsal!

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