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Thread: Affinity (807)

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    While it clearly doesn't last too long, it's great to see Teal'c out and about in the real world. Making friends and taking out thieves with bits of fruit -- great aim.

    Of course, someone has to ruin it for him and in comes the Trust.

    But at least Carter had her moment, saying "yes"... when she's going off on that rant about how "single" people are being told on many occasions that your life can not possibly complete without someone there to share it with -- the commercials, in every show, magazines... and she's not wrong.

    Teal'c, Daniel and Carter together are a hoot each time. They got such a great dynamic going on.

    I think it was a fairly solid episode. Good content. Never boring and setting the pieces on the board for round n with the rogue NID/Trust people.

    How would you rate SG-1's "Affinity"?



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    I wonder if airing this episode in the wrong oder, taints the episode. The randomness of the Trust makes for a surprise kidnapping but that is hardly the writer's fault. I actually quite like this episode for showing a different side of Tealc. I believe this is how Tealc would respond if he had his own place. Was always disappointed he doesn't get one again. I like how Sam and Pete tracked Tealc down but I wanted to gag on the whole proposal sub plot. I'm going with good. Sorry FH, 6:32
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