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MacGyver - The Complete Sixth Season
Paramount // Unrated // $38.99 // June 13, 2006

Review by Aaron Beierle | posted July 3, 2006

M O V I E - 4 1/2 Stars
V I D E O - 3 Stars
A U D I O - 3 Stars
E X T R A S - No Stars
R E P L A Y - 3 Stars
A D V I C E - Recommended

The Movie:

One of the most entertaining shows of the 80's, "MacGyver" offered a spy series that entertained audiences with a fairly clever and intriguing premise: the show focused on MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson, who later went on to TV success with the "Stargate" series), a freelance special operative who can make a laser out of a paper clip and a broken mirror. That's being a bit much, but "MacGyver" became famous for its lead character's ability to make gadgets out of whatever happened to be lying around at the time.

**major snippage**

EXTRAS: Nothing. It's especially dismaying that there isn't a profile of the late Dana Elcar included here, as the actor was really battling glaucoma during the episodes (his final ones on the show) his character was in late in this sixth season. Gathering the producers and his co-stars to offer a few words on Elcar's contribution to the show and their experiences working with the actor would have been a nice addition.

Final Thoughts: Although not among the show's hardcore following, I think "MacGyver"'s sixth season offers some very solid episodes and remains entertaining more often than not. The DVD set once again offers fine audio/video quality, as well. The lackluster point, as with the prior seasons, remains the lack of supplements. Still, I'd recommend this one to fans.

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