the fun and games folder members can now makes polls) create a thread like you would normally and down at the bottom there is a option to create a poll.

then decide how many option you want ( this can be edited later
then hit the submit thread button

then you will see this screen

here you add the options you want if you decide you want more option you can go to the number of poll options and change the number and then add more options. (once you make the poll and submit it to the public you CAN NOT edit options only add on ( which can only be done by the mods. and a poll can not be deleted and replaced by a new one.

if you want your poll to end at a certain time and date use this

If you would like this poll to automatically close after a period of time, enter a number of days here.
Set this to 0 if you would like the poll to remain open indefinitely.

above you can also add different miscellaneous options (above pic.

hope everyone finds this helpful and hopefully i didn't miss anything if so please pm me