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    Default Stargate Cross-overs

    About 10 months ago I posted a thread about Stargate/Other Sci-Fi cross-overs...

    ...and now I'm back to ask what Stargate/Non-Sci-Fi Cross overs would you like to see? has a decent Stargate/DareDevil/Law & Order: Criminal Intent Cross-Over Fan-Fic.

    What other cross-overs of this type would people like to see?

    I'd love to see a Stargate SG-1/Bosten Legal cross-over were Alan Shore (James Spader) has to deffend Danial.
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    Default Re: Stargate Cross-overs

    I have seen one of these but it wasn't the main plot of the story, just an inclusion for a few chapter but I think a good cross over would be with CSI Vegas - How much more tailor made can you get with Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

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    Default Re: Stargate Cross-overs

    Definately very quirky, but two of my favorite shows are BIG LOVE and Ghost Hunters.

    It would be sweet have Jason from Ghost Hunters as teal'c. heh.

    I have no idea where the Big Love cast would fit in.

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    Default Re: Stargate Cross-overs

    In the fanfiction forum there is a thread about good crossover fic recs, try there. "Ce qui ressemble a l'amour est toujours de l'amour." - Tristan Bernard

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    Default Re: Stargate Cross-overs

    Stargate...and the Simpsons!

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    Default Re: Stargate Cross-overs

    For me, SG-1 and the show Las Vegas. How about the team takes some much needed time off and decides to go to Vegas together? They go to the Montecito, where trouble follows them.

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