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STARGATE ATLANTIS (1.04) - "Thirty-Eight Minutes"
(original airdate 07.30.04)


Racing to get back to Atlantis, the crew of Puddle Jumper One is heading to the Stargate previously seen orbiting the Ancients’ planet. They need to return Major Sheppard to the city so that an alien bug-like parasite can be removed from his neck. Aboard the ship are Doctor McKay, Lieutenant Ford, Teyla, Sergeant Markham and Sergeant Stackhouse.

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All in all, this week’s episode is a good character show that grabs us right away and won’t let us go until the final few minutes. This spin-off show is telling good stories and telling them well. It’s bucking the television trend of a new show taking several weeks to a season to find its stride. ATLANTIS has hit the ground running and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Quotes of the Week:

Sheppard: “What is that?”
Ford: “We’re stuck in the Stargate.”
Sheppard: “You mean my day just got worse?”

Sheppard: “If you don’t get that thing off me soon, I have even less time than you do.”

Weir: “What can I do to help?”
Zelenka: “Stop talking, please.”

Kavanagh: “I thought it was important to point out the risk.”
Weir: “You did. Now, please, worry a little bit more about their lives and less about your own ass.”

McKay: “I apologize for being the only one who realizes just how screwed we are!”
Sheppard: “Don’t talk to me about being screwed!”
McKay: “Sorry. I react to certain death a certain way. It’s a bad habit.”

Weir: “The Air Force doesn’t have privates.”
Kavanagh: “Neither do I. You just took mine off ... in front of my team.”

Next Week

"Suspicion," Is Teyla really working with the Wraiths? Is she friend, as Sheppard believes, or foe, as Weir suspsects?




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