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    Default Re: Good news bad news - SG-1

    Good News: This post has been resurrected on Gateworld!
    "I'm afraid the only bandaids we have are Ninja Turtles...that's the last time I let Colonel Sheppard help me with my medical supply list!!"

    --Dr. Beckett "Real Life Atlantis" Fanfic

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    Default Re: Good news bad news - SG-1

    Bad News: The thread has been renamed, "McKay's Lemon Poetry Club"
    Just because something is unknown, does not necessarily mean that it needs to be feared. Trust yourself, and the rest will unfold. ~Teyla Emmagen~

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    Default Re: Good news bad news - SG-1

    Good news: The arboretum on Atlantis is growing lemon trees.

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