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Thread: Zero Hour (804)

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    This one is actually decent mostly because they did something different. I like getting a new perspective. Its somewhat enjoyable seeing what goes on outside of SG-1's perspective . I'd like to manage, these are the kind of decisions Hammond had to make minus the plant
    However, some of these side stories do drag on. A fair with6:46
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    The episode have its very good moments, but overall I found the pacing a bit weird... I almost got lots with all the elements involved...
    Also, I was stressed for Jack seeing all the work he has to deal with o/

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    This episode has always felt that they had 2 story ideas, but they couldn't fill a whole episode with it, so they have just mixed it and then it had ended up a bit weird.
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    This episode was perfect for me. I really like that we saw the day from Jack's perspective, how hectic and problematic his commanding can be. Several problems were connected together and in the end even helped each other. The thing with a flower was at the beginning just funny but then later it helped them discover a bomb, it was pretty brilliant for me
    Jack's email to Hammond was also pretty emotive. If he would have known earlier what does it mean to be The General. (I like Jack but also miss Hammond)
    Another thing that I appreciated was to see more of Walter, I like this guy and he should get more space, finally we got also a bit of Major Davis. After such a long time without him he deserved more...and promotion
    Baal is a really good enemy, he is in some way very Goau'ld-y and cool together
    What I didn't like was that we didn't see anything of SG1's mission. I want to see Sam in a command

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