I have had this idea for a humorous Stargate comic book for some time, I have the whole thing written but, even though I draw as a hobby, I am not into drawing comic-book-style.

Would anyone like to collaborate on this project, or maybe someone knows of someone who would like to do this?

I would like to have the drawing style similar to Marvel X-Men, Wildstorm Crimson, ImageComics Masters of the Universe or Battle Chasers, or another similar style. Not manga or the other Japanese styles.

Even if I could get someone to do just the inking, that would be great. I think I could then use Photoshop to do the colorizing myself.

I can't pay anyone for this - this is a just-for-fun project.

The finished comic book would then be posted on my www.rdascrapbook.com web site.

So, any budding comic book artists out there?

You can PM me if you like.