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    Default Re: The Christmas Invasion (2005)

    Yes we know who you are!
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    Default Re: The Christmas Invasion (2005)

    Yes we know who you are!
    Did they say it there already? I only noticed it on the later episode. Well have to rewach it sometime.

    Anyway, even though I had a bit of trouble to get used to David a first (what didn't take more then 2 Episodes max.) there are two of my most favorite ever lines in this ep.

    First the Lion King quote of course and, whats more importend. the refernece to Aurthur Dent (I had to rewind this bit a few times to be sure he realy said it) since I am a huge Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxie fan. (well with doctor who as new passion in addition I might have to think again, before I say I usualy don't like SiFi, again ;-))

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    Default Re: The Christmas Invasion (2005)

    Even better the second time around, although I'll admit it took more than two episodes for me to get used to Tennant...

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