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    GateWorld Water (102)

    Visit the Episode GuideGALACTICA SEASON ONE

    Lt. Valerii fears that she may somehow be responsible for sabotage on the Galactica after six detonators are found missing.

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    i'm glad the writers addressed the issue of supplies such as water. in a later episode they did it with fuel, but they never mentioned how they solved their food situation? anyone know? i remember baltar giving a figure on how many pounds of meat and vegetable the fleet needed, they have the water but what about food?

    this episode though was prolly my least favorite. after 33, it was hard act to follow

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    I agree. The episode had a good objective, but i really didnt like it. It was SO boring. It was really very anticlimactic in a sense. Because where were they supposed to put a climax? Yeah. I didn't like it.

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    Just comes to show how realistic BSG can be.

    I love happy endings.
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    Its nice to see that they addressed the supply issue, and were realistic about rations, etc. It was interesting to see the conflict Boomer had in saying that she found the water too.
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    This was a very quiet episode after a very busy mini series and first episode, and its was great to see the water freezing into ice droplets as it hit space.

    Also seems like Boomer has some degree of control over her Cylon programming interesting to see how this will play out.
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    Love this episode! When they lose the water, I can almost feel just how much in trouble the fleet is from that point forward.

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    A decent Boomer episode, but parts of it felt rather awkward to me, particularly the Baltar/Starbuck scene (though I sort of liked how it ended) and a couple of the big debriefing scenes.

    I liked that even though the problem of finding water was solved in TV fashion (regardless of the labor aspect introduced next episode, it's still giving into a TV trope to find water that quickly), some tension was brought into that scene through Boomer fighting her "8-ness" and of course the bomb.

    Now, for the rating. Understand that I don't grant obligatory points for being decently well-produced, or being competently directed, or for being part of a good show. I grant points basically on "things to recommend the episode", with a 5 rating being a keystone for a typical, average episode.


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    I think this is one of the episodes where nothing much happens yet but which has a high sense of anticipation. They're so easily in such big trouble. Just because there isn't a huge dogfight doesn't mean they're safe. I loved the two eights too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyke View Post
    i'm glad the writers addressed the issue of supplies such as water. in a later episode they did it with fuel, but they never mentioned how they solved their food situation? anyone know? i remember baltar giving a figure on how many pounds of meat and vegetable the fleet needed, they have the water but what about food?

    this episode though was prolly my least favorite. after 33, it was hard act to follow
    they gotta find planets w/ major resources n gather strenously; i wonder if like the origininal they can grow crops hydroponically too
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    Default Re: Water (102)

    Great, great episode. Like many have said before, it's a quiet episode - a nice, slower pace after the insanely charged miniseries and first ep. I cannot (and never do) get over how amazing the actors on this show are.

    I absolutely adored the scene between Roslin and Apollo; it was very poignant. I also loved all the Roslin/Adama scenes (ship notwithstanding) these two are my favourite characters by far. They have such gravitas (a credit to the writers and to EJO and MM). They are so strong but not without still being human, with all the frailties that come with that.
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    Default Re: Water (102)

    Great episode just finished watchin it on my Re Watch of BSG. I noticed a few things i missed before. I love this show

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    Default Re: Water (102)

    I really liked that they didn't ignore basic needs in this show. I also liked that about SGU.

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    Default Re: Water (102)

    This one seemed a little slow, but it was nice that they did something realistic, like running out of water.

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    Default Re: Water (102)

    Just like SGU they addressed the need for supplies. And i loved how twitchy Boomer was when she thought she was Cylon (which she turned out to be).

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