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    Quote Originally Posted by hedwig View Post
    When Sam and the rest of SG1 are about to be killed by the Lucien Alliance, Sam has a split lip, blood on her face and injuries associated with having been beaten. When the team is beamed up by Colonel Emerson to the Odyssey and they are standing on deck in front of him, she has no marks at all on her face. But later in the same episode, the marks and bruises are back on her face.
    I see I'm not the only one to have noticed this classic example of a continuity error.


    Hey Gateworld, there's a tiny error in your gueststar description for Martin Christopher who plays Kevin Marks. On the Prometheus he has the rank of Captain, but I distinctly hear Emmerson call him Major Marks. Just thought I'd let you know.


    From the looks of it, I seem to be in the minority to find this episode appropriately entertaining. It's got good humor, action and it shows off the Odyssey -- new ship in the verse.

    It's a classic SG-1 gets in trouble, out of trouble and back into trouble -- and has plenty of adventures and fun little dialogues along the way. What more do we want? It's a classic.

    How would you rate SG-1's "Off the Grid?"




    3-episode quiz: Off The Grid, The Scourge & Arthur's Mantle

    Jigsaw puzzle: Off The Grid
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    I think we need to go off the grid FH.

    I'm also with you. I quite like how this episode advances the Lucian Alliance story by showing us the leadership and give us a better insight into how powerful they are. I also love seeing how good Landry is at interrogation. As for the beaming scene, it doesn't bother me as it's a common scifi trope.

    Good with 6:52
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    Jelgate is right

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