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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    It was nice that they had an episode to develop Browder's character, but it was very predictable. I told my husband early on what would happen right down to seeing himself in a mirror to determine the murderer. THe only thing I didn't guess right was the murderer, but the way things played out was too obvious.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    The whole ep was a sci-fi cliche. And I felt like I was watching Browder emote, not Mitchell. Done better in Voyager. (I liked Voyager, til the writing ticked me off and i stopped watching for a year. How they can take likable characters and decent actors and give them such drivel... Just goes to show if you assume viewers will watch anything with a franchise label on it - you are wrong. )
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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    I agree, the way it played out was rather obvious. I just wonder if they have anything else to do with the planet in future...

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    There was an episode in Star Trek: TNG which was very similar to this one. Ryker was accused of murder.

    There are just some storylines that keep coming back!
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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    ^Ah, nothing's original anymore!

    My LiveJournal post

    I love this ep, but poor Cam..
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    DVDs Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    Quote Originally Posted by NowIWillDestroyAbydos View Post
    It was an okay ep. Love Walter and the medical babble when he gave Landry, Lam's report. I give it a **.
    Agreed with myself.

    It was nice to see an episode that felt like a classic episode. You know, SG-1 going off-world to meet some aliens from another planet. It was also nice not to hear the Ori even mentioned once.

    Tomorrow, multiple SG-1 teams, and some old friends return.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    A break from the Ori and them being 'Hallowed' all the time is good!

    Another episode that gives us more on Mitchell's background. I've found with rewatching this season that I'm giving a chance to get to know Mitchell this time round. He irritated me as a character so much with the first viewing that I never gave him a second look, until now.

    This meant that I actually enjoyed this episode for what it was, seeing more of Mitchell and what makes him who he is and forget that I'd seen this memory grafting story line in Star Trek's Voyager. That's what put me off the first time round.

    The idea of messing around with memories for various purposes is a bit unsettling.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    Not my favourite episode....I actually am a big fan of the Ori arc and was quite happy to leave the "fillers" out....also William Atherton played a prat, a very nasty minded and unethical one at that...

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    I tried to avoid this ep as long as I could. Not because it's that bad but because this is the 3rd time I have seen it. Which has put me behind a couple of eps.

    Good to learn more about Cam's personality. And what he has been through.

    We end up using this technology on earth don't we? But it serves a different purpose.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    If Babylon was about defining who Mitchell is as a character then this episode is about his backstory. Through the memory recall device we are able to see what define Mitchell like his father's accident and killing those refuges. Thats the part I like. I like seeing the backstory to define who Mitchell is. I know some are probably are tired of so much focus on him but I think its one those unfortunate side effects as the other characters had 8 years of development. The story of trying to find the murderer and how Mitchell was framed is interesting but I was more intrigued of using the device to show us Mitchell's background. I remember hating the leader after he used the technology to erase the memory of the murderer.
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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    1. And we open with...a nice modern planet...then a conversation between two people I don't know. Fine.

    2. Mitchell Kirking...meh.

    3. Daniel had some good lines here.

    Overall though, meh filler.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    Actually I like the whole memory stuff, as it has already been presented within former storylines, eg. "Keera/Liana".
    But since the whole character of "Mitchell" comes across as completely "artificial" to me and that unfortunately never changed, I just can not manage to take interest in whatever is happening to him. I just don't care.
    So, the ep. itself is a quite solid one - but had me bored nevertheless.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (912)

    One of my favourite episodes! Here it becomes obvious that Mitchell is not a substitute for O'Neill but a totally different person. And you can see that "the band is back" - they all care for each other!


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