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    Yeah they did have a backdoor pilot, but it just feels forced in Cyber itself.

    But just ignore me, I'm just bitter Vegas got cancelled in favour of Cyber

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skydiver View Post
    Actually it's NCIS New Orleans. Different franchise.
    Thanks - didn't look closely enough!

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    Default Re: CSI LasVegas - Miami - NewYork

    Quote Originally Posted by iiradned View Post
    The second to last episode of Season 14 of CSI LV served as back-door pilot for Cyber. The only character to appear was Avery played by Patricia Arquette.

    Oh I only watch CSI Cyber because I like Patricia Arquette. Loved her in Medium so I watch this for her. It's the worst of the CSI franchise. Riddled with Cliché characters and hokey dialogue. The hacking stuff however is nowhere near the level of idiot that was that one scene in NCIS with Abby and McGee typing on one keyboard, you remember that scene don't you guys?

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    Default Re: CSI LasVegas - Miami - NewYork

    Hi! I am a fanfiction writer looking for some CSI NY help please or someone who knows New York to answer some questions.

    TIA for any help
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    Default Re: CSI Las Vegas - Miami - New York - Cyber

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