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    Default Cant stop thinking about this show!

    I already posted my comments toward the show yesterday saying I LOVED it..but i just cant stop thinking about it! I mean we all LOVE SG-1 but we all know its winding down. Now with Atlantis its JUST BEGINGING! There is SO many suprises, new villians, new allies..EVERYTHING! I really cannot wait till next friday already. Normally I hate Sci-fi stuff....(starwars, startrek etc) but Stargate...its just so DAMN good! People who never watched SG1 really have no idea what they missed. Good work producers and EVERYONE else involved with SG1 and Atlantis....without you my friday night would be very boring. (Or I'd have to start going out before 10 again (well now 11)


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    Default Re: Cant stop thinking about this show!

    I need a TIVO, so I can watch it again. There is nothing on tonight.
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    Default Re: Cant stop thinking about this show!

    I recorded Atlantis' premiere on the same VHS, right after SG-1's New Order...excellent repeat viewing!

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