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    GateWorld NEWBIES: Handy Forum Tutorials!

    Welcome to GateWorld!

    Need some help? Here are a few tutorial links to make your learning curve for GateWorld Forum a little easier.

    Read the FAQ first!
    ...Forum Basics
    ...Forum Features
    ...Posting and Navigating
    ...vBulletin FAQ
    Forum Rules
    Member Signature Rules
    How to use vBulletin tags

    Spoiler Policy
    Spoiler Policy (non-Stargate)
    How to use SPOILER tags (more)

    HOW TO ...
    Navigate the forum
    Reply to a post
    Find new posts
    Subscribe to threads
    Post a hyperlink
    Post a picture
    Post a poll

    Customize your profile
    Choose an avatar
    Use your buddy list
    Send & receive private messages
    Get a good Reputation
    Report rule violations

    ShadowMaat's X-treme Guide to GateWorld (For Newbies)
    Purpleyin's Unofficial Guide to GateWorld

    Still have questions? Ask your knowledgable fellow forum members first, in this thread! If it's an issue that you think only the moderators or board administrator can handle, post your question in the Ask the Moderators thread.

    Once again, welcome! We hope you'll stop by the Welcome, New Members! thread and introduce yourself.
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