millenia ago Ra took humans from earth and transplanted them on countless world in the galaxy. From earth all humans were taken and to earth all humans can trace their lineage. So are the Tarui, the first race of humans, destined to unite the extreamely fractured human population of this galaxy.
The jaffa have formed a semi coherant nation from million of jaffa who served and wared for millenia dues to their founding of a capital of teir empire on the world where they were first created. Is this something we should adapt, and in time create a human capital on earth where all humans first came from to serve as a reminder that thier origins and their future potentially lie here on earth?
If our world is opened up to thew 'truth' then will the knowledge that all the people on earth are just a tip of the largest iceberg population in the universe. will it teach us that we can unite under one banner if we put trust that in time we will melt not in to a civilzation but in to a race, the fifth race?
The capital of a humanic empire, not a human or tauri empire, although the empire could be known as the tauri ______ (pick a word); be some thing that would unite the human population of the MW. would the arrival of atlantis from the pegasus galaxy ( if the pentagon feel that is the best course of action once the wraith are defeated, which they will be in time just like the goauld) be a signal that its time, time to unite so that this galaxy is not a divided one, split in to many by 2 races, jaffa and human.
Will this action of unificaton under the banner of the tauri be necciary if for example the jaffa become pawns in the orii hands? is uniting the only way we can survive as a species?
i believe that in S10 these issues may be of significant weight.....