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    Sci-Fi Babylon 5 Scripts for Sale

    From a Zacolo Today e-mail:

    Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski
    <> is up and running and open for

    Volume One of The Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski is now
    available for purchase, 454 pages in length containing candid,
    behind-the-scenes photos, and a 13,000 word/53 page introduction and
    commentary on the episodes contained in this volume.

    In this volume, you will find the scripts for "Midnight on the
    Firing Line," "The Parliament of Dreams," "Infection," "Soul Hunter"
    and "Mind War," as well as an alternate draft of "The Gathering"
    never previously released. The introduction includes information and
    stories never before told about the creation, production and writing
    of Babylon 5.

    In addition, the volume contains 30 pages of memos written during
    production, detailing the construction and design of the Babylon 5
    universe...casting, sets, alien races, technology, CGI, name it.

    These books, released one-by-one over the coming months, will
    represent the definitive 15 volume set on the making of Babylon 5,
    told from the inside-out.

    So the door is open, the site is up, feel free to come by and say
    hello. <>.

    Be sure to visit the website. You will find sample script pages, an
    FAQ about the scripts and much more.

    Books discounted by $10 for one week only. According to the FAQ,
    the $10 discount is to reward the fans who want to get each edition
    as soon as it's released. This is just our way of saying thanks and
    much more time-efficient than coming to everyone's house in the
    middle of the night to say it face to face.

    Have a Happy Halloween!
    I hope you all remembered to turn your clocks back last night!

    Be Safe,

    Sandra Bruckner
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    Default Re: Babylon 5 Scripts for Sale

    Have you seen the FAQ...
    It's hilarious... I haven't got a link to it... just a hard copy. Perhaps someone else will know where it is.

    My friend, who converted us to B5 is going to buy it! Yay!

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    Default Re: Babylon 5 Scripts for Sale

    There should be a correction on that...the 15th Volume is limited to those who buy the first 14. There is a code on the inside jacket of the book that is to be entered after purchasing the first 14.
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