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    Post SGA - Cult Times # 122 - Torri Higginson (on the cover)

    From Visimag:

    (Cult Times is a UK based scifi magazine. In the US, you may order
    online from the URL above. Or, check with your local Borders or
    Barnes and Noble Bookstores for the magazine. Allow time for the
    magazine to be shipped across the pond.)

    Cult Times #122, November 2005
    (Reference #C122)
    Now Available


    Stargate Atlantis We ask the actress who plays Dr Elizabeth Weir, Torri Higginson, what she's been doing to keep life on set interesting

    The Dead Zone On Set Interview! Star Chris Bruno reveals what's ahead for Sheriff Walt Bannerman and discusses his first directing assignment for the show

    Without a Trace Eric Close, who plays the team's youngest member, Martin Fitzgerald, looks at the evolution of his character

    Knightmare We cast a spell to bring back producer Tim Child and overseer Treguard, aka Hugo Myatt, for a chat about the much-loved Children's ITV show

    How to Start Your Own Country We meet Danny Wallace, now King Danny I of Lovely, a nation he created to be a sanctuary from the workaday world

    imes Past The 4400 fails to make an impression on our regular reviewer, but what about the drugs-based comedy series Weeds?

    Out of the Box Our complete listings for November, where you can find hot new Sci-Fi show Threshold

    You Should Be Watching American Dad The off-the-wall adventures of CIA agent Stan Smith and his long-suffering family

    And more…

    Price: $7.99


    An excerpt from the Torri Higginson interview:

    (Please follow the link for the complete excerpt.)

    Feature: Stargate Atlantis

    Actress Torri Higginson is making sure her character, Dr Elizabeth Weir, does more than just wave people off on missions
    She’s not middle-aged, she’s not bald, but there is one thing Dr Elizabeth Weir has in common with General George Hammond: she’s the leader of a Stargate programme. In her instance it’s the expedition to the city of the Ancients, Atlantis, and in her second year in charge she has to deal with a whole new set of problems.

    Asked if she feels her character has enough to do on the show, Torri Higginson replies, “Well, you ask any actor that question and they’ll always say, ’Well, I think she was ignored!’ There should have been at least seven episodes just monologues of Weir!” she laughs. “But I think she’s a difficult character. Brad [Wright, executive producer] and I meet up every few weeks and talk about where she’s going and what we can do with her, and she’s a bit of an anomaly because she is a leader but she’s not a Margaret Thatcher leader. ...

    **snippity doo-dah**

    by Paul Spragg
    There's more from Torri Higginson in
    Cult Times #122


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