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Thread: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

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    Default Re: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

    That was another speculation that they added 3, knowing that only 1 or 2 would continue past a single season.

    I didn't dislike her but I don't care if she leaves. To me they over played the 'gibbs and quinn have past intereactions' then never really dealt with it.

    I've found Torrez's quips and snark more fun.

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    Default Re: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

    I was so happy to see Jennifer Esposito get some acting time....

    Sad to see her go.

    They got rid of her from Blue Bloods and never gave her a chance to come back.

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    Default Re: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

    I recently started a rewatch and realized I've never watched first season or so. Probably thought I had because I used to watch NCIS when it first came on (I think McGee was already on board back then or just introduced as team member) and then picked up from there when I started watching online.

    All that aside though, I finally remember why I like this show! Watching the first season and the last couple of seasons is like watching two different shows. Also, what a waste of Abby.
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