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    Default Re: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

    Quote Originally Posted by StargateMillennium View Post
    Rewatching old episodes. It's funny seeing some of these scenes and knowing Dinozzo has been unwittingly sleeping on a corpse.
    Quote Originally Posted by hedwig View Post
    I would have liked to see/hear his reaction when he found out about this.
    Sounds like a fic to me.

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    Default Re: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

    Quote Originally Posted by Everlovin View Post
    Sounds like a fic to me.
    Some of our authors could probably write a better scene than some of the writers on the show.

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    Default Re: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

    After 14 years if you watch the show all the time you can definitely get a feel for what they will do. My friend and I do a pretty good job of guessing the ending (spoiler for the latest episode)
    for example with Tim’s children, as soon as they intro’d the security guard character, well you already knew it was going to be a hostage situation from the promos, so putting two and two together I knew that one of the kids would be named after the guard after either he died or did something really heroic

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    Default Re: NCIS : Discussion, spoilers and everything else ....

    Wow! I didn't know this existed. Glad I stumbled across the thread.

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