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    Quote Originally Posted by Hex.FTB.enabled View Post
    I have to say, this is the only episode that didn't work for me. It was like whoever wrote the plot went: a brothel, sex, and a big action showdown at the end, maybe that'll make Fox change their minds! The story just didn't hold for me.

    But there was still plenty of goodness. Everything Mal and Inarra, and I loved Kaylee and Wash's "tell I'm pretty" exchange.
    Me too ITA 100% This ep didn't really work for me ether but there were parts that I liked like you.

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    Default Re: Heart Of Gold (114)

    I liked most of it, and of course the way Burgess got what was coming to him. "Joshua, say hello to your daddy. Kapow! Joshua, say goodbye to your daddy."

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