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Thread: New scifi shows

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    Default New scifi shows

    There have been a number of new shows lately - Threshold, Invasion etc.

    Which ones did you like and dislike?

    I have only seen Threshold and was pretty impressed
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    Default Re: New scifi shows

    Didn't watch Threshold as I was into SG1. With the recorder dead, I probably won't see it until SciFi goes into reruns on Friday.

    Surface - watched, will watch again, but I'm not sure they can keep up the "sea monster" thing for long. Underwater scenes were gloomy and blurred, which gets frustrating.

    Invasion - Its from Shaun Cassidy and he did "American Gothic" which I really loved. Had iffy moments but they could possibly have something really nice and creepy. May be a bit too much like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" for some folks though.

    My 13 year old liked "Surface" best. I preferred "Invasion". I'll watch both for awhile to see how they play out. If they don't really grab me by episode 3. ."click".

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    Default Re: New scifi shows

    I liked Threshhold, found Surface to be mildly interesting but didn't like Invasion at all, but I'll watch it anyways. Who knows, it might get better.

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    Default Re: New scifi shows

    Of the three shows, I like "Invasion" the best because it appears to be more "character driven" than the other two.

    Generally, I prefer "character driven" programs.

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    Default Re: New scifi shows

    I liked what I did see of threshold and Surface but I'll probably wind up watching Surface and Invasion most often because of scheduling. I liked them all but so far I like Surface and Threshold equally. Invasion was a little too predictable.
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