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    Continuing Jack/Sam relationship?

    Hi, just wanted to say I am upset that we do not have Jack any more, will just have to watch the dvds..again!!! There may have been something mentioned about my question but I haven't visited in a while so I apologise if this is old!!! I wondered if there was any hint or evidence in seaon nine that Jack and Sam are still in touch or even in some kind of relationship? We don't have S9 yet in the Uk and it's driving me nuts waiting to find out. I am, by the way, one of the fans who thinks season eight ended well, i loved it and if the series had ended there it would have been a great finish, but it didn't and i want MORE!!!!

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    Default Re: Continuing Jack/Sam relationship?

    Hello! De-lurking to post the following information.....cause I miss Jack and I miss RDA!!!!!!!!!

    Don Davis mentioned to a member of the S/J Ship Family (at the New Jersey con) that RDA thought fans were angry with him for leaving the show. We talked about letting him know how much we miss him and how he needs to come back for a couple of eps a yer, or at least wrap up his storyline. We talked about doing this through a web site, but I think I have a way that would be more effective--by sending letters to his agent and Gekko. minigeek, who works in TV, got the addresses below for me. I think mail sent to one or more of these places would be much more likely to reach him.

    Here's the information I have.

    Richard Dean Anderson
    c/o Gekko Film Corporation
    1122 South Robertson, Boulevard, Suite 15
    Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA

    Richard Dean Anderson
    c/o ICM (International Creative Management)
    8942 Wilshire Blvd.
    Beverly Hills
    CA 90211, USA

    Nell also suggested that we should write TPTB and let them know how much we want to see RDA back. I think I’ll do that too. Here is the address where you can write RCC, JM, PM or any of the TPTB:

    The Bridge Studios
    2400 Boundary Rd
    Burnaby, British Columbia

    minigeek also suggested checking the Screen Actors Guild for addresses that might get mail to RDA, but I had trouble navigating their web site….then work went bonkers and I haven’t had time to go back. If anyone can help with contact info for him through SAG, please post it. So, I'd suggest these for now.....and I'm going to write.

    How many would write? Could you post here and give us an idea?

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