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    GateWorld Whatever The Case May Be (112)

    Visit the Episode GuideLOST SEASON ONE

    Kate and Sawyer fight over a locked case found from the crash, which holds a key to her past crimes. Sayid seeks Shannon's help in translating the French woman's cryptic notes.

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    Crikey. What's so special about a tiny metal 'plane then?

    And what were Locke and Pretty Brother Guy doing with the axe?

    Lost is like X-files, with its tendency to open up new mysteries and leave them hanging for ages while yet more mysteries appear. Where Lost seems (so far) to have the edge is that where X-Files disappeared up its own fundament having twisted up its plot threads with each other and erased and re-wrote and contradicted to the point where I doubt even CC could remember what was true, what was misdirection and what was misdirection for misdirection, I can't see that happenning to all of the various Lost threads. I think where X-files turned into a massive ugly tangle of riot-in-a-woolshop proportions, Lost might yet turn into a tapestry, a braid or a neat if intricate knot


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    If your on ep 12 - you will find out more about the plane soon

    As for mysteries - when you think one is about to be solved it turns out to be something completely different
    gumboYaYa: you are all beautiful, your words and openness are what make that shine. don't forget how much talent love and beauty you all have. so for now, peace love love love more love and happy, and thank you, thank you, thank you
    love Torri

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    wow more insight into kates past. the bank robbery now explains why the marshall was after her

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