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Thread: Exodus (422)

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    Ah the infamous blowing up the sun episode. I love this episode as it has character like Tealc taunting Tanith. Their is a lot of action like us outwitting Apophis and the Alkesh fight. Jack does make a good point. How do they know where to stand? While being hurkes to another galaxy is cool the speed is contradicted in later episodesj. I'm calling this excellent with 6 minutes 8 seconds
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    Jack guessing where he should stand and sorta hoping everything will be transported, reminded me of that time in Atlantis where John and Rodney are beamed down to Atlantis (I think) and Rodney makes himself as small as possible -- looking incredibly ridiculous in the process.
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    I really like this episode!

    I like Jack and Jacob's banter as well.

    Teal'c getting captured-- no good will come from that.

    Loved that Jack and Daniel were playing with a tennis ball.

    Always love seeing Sam and her dad working together.

    And the Sun blowing up was awesome!

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    Unhappy Re: Exodus (422)


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    4x22 Exodus
    1.They have forgotten to add the glyphs on the stargate when the locks were releasing it. Probably they confused the two sites.

    2.If the floating gate was released towards the local sun’s direction, then why had it a shadow on the left?
    My comment: They could still modify the trajectory.

    3. Only 6 Ha’tak arrived with the Apophis’s flagship, but then number of the ships was increased.

    4.One of the Jaffa extra was worn his costume wrongly. His metal “skirt” should have been outside, but it was right in the back when he kneeled down.

    5.When they released the Death glider, that was the mirrored scene from 2x01 Serpent’s lair.
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