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Thread: Prototype (909)

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I concur with the majority. 'Prototype' is a great episode, better that '4th Horseman'. I haven't seen that much blood on Stargate since 'Resurrection'.

    Anubis. Best Stargate villain to date.
    O'Neill: They didn't go for it.
    Carter: They didn't approve the mission?
    O'Neill: Oh, no they did that. Once they knew the stakes and the whole fate of the universe stuff. Both the President and Hammond realized we had no choice. He sends good luck, godspeed, all those things he says when he thinks we're gonna die.
    Carter: So what didn't they go for?
    O'Neill: The name I suggested.
    Carter: For the ship?
    O'Neill: Yeah.
    Carter: Yeah. Sir, we can't call it the 'Enterprise'.
    O'Neill: Why Not?!
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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    But it was strategy or a trick that killed him. It wasn't a deux ex machina, it was exploiting a weakness. While Khalek was concentrated on Mitchell and stopping his bullets and essentially mentally gloating that he could, he totally missed Daniel coming in and so Daniel was able to shoot him in the heart and then Dan and Cam made sure the job was done, but good. Took a chance that it would work but it did.

    All it took was a distraction and a handgun, an old tried and true trick -- distract them with the left hand and get smack them with the right.

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I can't hesitate to say how much I liked this episode. Especially since they didn't let Kalek get away like I was afraid of (I called the gate lockout, wasn't entirely expecting the redirect back to the SGC, though, but it makes sense).

    About Daniel channeling Jack, I think that was fairly apparent from last week's "Oh, but it is!" which is something Jack would say. I suppose Daniel is going to partially fulfill the vacuum Jack left.

    Kalek's kill count is 8, I believe. Kind of low for a high-powered bad guy, but I can live with that. I really didn't want another Anubis running around, because he wasn't nearly as cool as the other, more 'normal', Goa'uld.
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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I get the really dreaded feeling that we haven't seen the last of "Khalek" though. I mean, think about it: If Anubis could, essentially, "clone" himself once, what's to say he can't do it again? And again, and again, and again....

    What's to say that that was his only clone child? there could always be more.

    *Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn....* Oh, we are so screwed if there's an army of Anubises (Anubi?) running around in Ascended land.....

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    good episode...can't wait till January.....

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    Khalek is probably what Anubis should have been in the first place instead of a talking puddle. By far the coolest of all Nuby's avatars.

    I don't understand how Khalek can stop automatic weapons fire from multiple airman but is put down by Daniel just because he and Mitchell are standing 10 feet apart. If Daniel had snuck up from behind it would have made sense but he was standing right in front of the guy!

    I really like the new establishing shots of Cheyenne Mountain.
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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I think it's more like the guy's blind arrogance that he never considered an attack from two directions. Up until that point everyone attacked him from the same direction at a time.
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    Thumbs up Re: Prototype (909)

    Great episode..! I think we all agree that the "New guy" bit was truly memorable... Boss, or no boss... Mitchell wasn't getting away with it..! In response to Osiris-Ra's question about why Khalik didn't just 'magically' make the event horizon appear the way the Asgard, and the Nox have been seen to do... perhaps he wasn't evolved enough to do it yet? Also, advancement doesn't necessarily mean you are capable of anything. We've seen plenty of aliens with 'wild' powers that we've never seen an Ancient duplicate. In fact, the only ancients we know of that are probably capable of almost anything are the ascended ones. (Not that we know of any living physical ones.) In fact, beyond their great intelligence, the only powers we've seen ancients (or ancient-like humans) employ, are telepathy, telekinesis, and healing powers. The opposite of those healing abilities have also been seen. (The Ori plague)

    We've seen aliens transform into other creatures ('Spirits'), take over machines, and numerous other things. I'd guess that the ancients, even in their advanced form didn't have all those abilities. So, why should we expect the advanced-Anubis-hybrid guy should?
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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I really enjoyed this episode. It kept me interested from beginning to end. Nice direction by Will Waring.

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    Fantastic! It was appropriate to kill Khalek, but the way they did it, in the words of Ancient Aiyanna "amazing." I was thrilled, Daniel actually wanting to kill someone, a complete 180, I loved this episode, it satisfied my Stargate craving.

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    Cool Re: Prototype (909)

    OK, I haven't read through the thread yet, but... Here it goes.

    First order of business: I guess the "Who's The Boss?" War between Sam and Cam fans is (somewhat) over. Cameron identified himself as SG-1 leader, and Sam did her 2IC deal. Business as usual. Except she ordered people around, and Cam's "orders" were more like suggestions when addressing her.

    Second order: Still, my feelings on the subject were neatly summed up in two words by the lovely Daniel Jackson: "New guy?!"

    Why, oh why, oh why would Cameron think that he could just go hitting buttons on a panel that he couldn't hope to decipher? Looking for a dang light switch? Wha?!?! Yes, Daniel hit stuff too, but he could actually READ it. Again, this could be categorized as an "honest mistake" on Cam's part, but I'm not so sure I buy that. What happened to the "no touchy-touchy rule?" If they had just waited a bit, Daniel would have figured out WHO and WHAT they were dealing with, and they would have been able to move on accordingly.

    Then again, the episode would have panned out differently, wouldn't it have? Oh, how it's soooo interesting when the characters' behavior is used as a plot device.

    I liked the actor who played Nuby Jr. Not only was he Jude Law-esque, but he was also just so incredibly sinister. It's a shame he died so soon. Dang. Hey, maybe HE found some cloning technology!

    I'm beginning to like Lam more and more. LD did a great job of showing how unnerved Carolyn was at the thought of killing a patient (Nuby 2) who was in her care. Still, she was dedicated and steadfast in finding out what was going on. Lam's got a very rough edge to her, but her soft side is definitely reminiscent of Janet. She wasn't nearly as ticked off at Daddy as she was in previous eps. I'm looking forward to seeing more of that soft side come out as the season progresses.

    As much as I liked the Daniel/Cameron shot of them walking up the ramp, I thought the Billions of Bullets was unnecessarily violent - even for this show. Meh. I'll live.

    Bridges stood out to me as well. It was great to see Landry under stress. He's got a lot on his plate, he's really overwhelmed, and he's got 3/4 of his frontline team acting as if this is normal. Landry earned many more points in my book this episode.

    Robert Picardo and Michael Shanks also did well in this episode. From start to finish, "Dick" provided the perfect opportunity for us to see how idiotic the government was being - like Sam said, he honestly believed his own spin. By the end of the episode, he was once again questioning his position and his beliefs. The ending scene was very well done, and it's good to see the confliction in Daniel again. He really ISN'T a murderer, but he knows what needs to be done from here on out.

    Overall, it was a good episode, and a surprisingly good tie-in to "The Fourth Horseman Part I."

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    Default Re: So Far, So Good (Prototype)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattathias2.0
    I was so upset when he was shot. That was incredible acting for that character.

    Sokar all over again.
    It's great writing that the prototype is killed. It was entirely unexpected. It was a shocker. I thought they were just trying to get in to manually set up the Iris and the episode is over. I was certain that was going to happen. And I was thinking to myself, "yeah, one more problem one more enemy without resolution. SGC screws up again. The bad guys get away as always. The bad guys always get away (e.g. foothill aliens, etc.)."
    Then, suddenly he pops back into the gate room and goes "bang bang bang," and I didn't know what hit me.
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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I think this is my favorite episode of season 9 so far which is saying something because I have really enjoyed the season overall.

    This has been a different kind of season because of the cast changes, but with this episode, I think they have hit their stride in meshing the new with the original. Of course, now they are going on haitus for a few months. But at least, I have something to look forward to in January.

    Good team feel to this episode--everybody working toward the same goal. Great villian who was menacing without being over the top cheesy. There was a feeling of urgency in having to stop this guy. Loved seeing Woolsey again. I didn't guess the ending which is nice.

    The new characters--Mitchell, Landry and Lam have settled in and feel like part of the show now, not just guest characters.

    The new team dynamic is not the same that Jack had with the team but
    I like it. There is a developing friendship and respect which I love. Mitchell doesn't have the same style as Jack, but I think it works for the character and the story. He doesn't order them around a lot because he doesn't have to.

    I have been really liking Sam a lot this season and she is really good in this episode. Competent at her specialty but take charge and kick butt when she needs to.

    My, how our Daniel has changed over the years--eliminate the threat immediately rather than communicating with it. He has learned a few things along the way, which is kind of poignant when compared with his earlier idealism but makes perfect sense since he has been at this for so many years and been through so much.

    Teal'c didn't have tons to do individually, but he was a solid presence on the team. Loved the stunt where he flies back and takes out the people behind him.

    A final note , the music was excellent in highlighting the sense of peril in this episode. Actually, it has been great all year, so cheers to the people responsible.

    Overall, an excellent episode that I will definately rewatch.


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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I wish daniel made himself adv human and stop the prototype :/

    With this maschine they found a way to fight the Priors and they dont use it...

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I really enjoyed this episode. Near the end of it while the Khalek guy was getting away I actually thought to myself, "Dang, this episode is great and what's even better is I don't know how they're going to get themselves out of this!" We've all seen so much TV that it must be difficult for writers to come up with plot twists that engage the audience and that we can't figure out ahead of time, and I love it when they can do it. I didn't see this one coming. I did think Daniel would be the one to kill him in the end, due to the earlier conversation between the two, but I wasn't sure how it was going to happen.

    I also loved it that everyone had something to do, and all of their contributions were important. Hmmmm, Teal'c didn't do much, did he? Well, he made up for that in the next episode. Carter got her scientist mojo on bigtime, Cam was funny and very involved, and Daniel...he gets a paragraph to himself.

    I loved his development this episode. MS did a good job of conveying the confliction that Daniel must have been feeling. He knew very, very well, better than anyone there, how evil and how dangerous Khalek was and that there was no way to keep him alive without unleashing a huge threat on earth, which in turn might lead to lots and lots of other deaths. However, knowing that a person needs to be eliminated and actually suggesting it or doing it are two different things. Yet in the end he makes the hard choice that he didn't like but he knew was right.

    Woolsey is a wonderful antagonist too, because he does what he does because he believes it is right, not because he's a stereotypical bad guy.

    I've been a fan of Season 9 in general so far, especially the initial episodes with Vala. (I love the character, can't help it, she's a lot of fun. ) This episode ranks right up there as one of my favorites of the year. Suspense, humor, lots of fun character interaction, just a great episode all around.

    I do know there is some kerfuffle about who's leading the team. Sitting off and observing from my perspective as someone who doesn't really care either way is a nice place to be, but it seemed to me (last night anyway) that Cameron is the team leader. Daniel should have briefed him about not touching things a long time ago though. He should know.

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    A delectible sci-fi Friday, and no doubt, in my opinion, the two best episodes thus far. I believe my usual analysis is in order before I head on over to The Fourth Horseman thread and give it there.

    SierraGulf1's Evaluation of SG-1 9.09: "Prototype"

    Wow. I've been one of the people who's been liking Season 9 so far but wow. This episode was proof that they can still be both a team and a good show without Vala (although I can't say I'd mind having her around anyway ) If I recall, I gave a long, boring speech about how Babylon and the episodes before were still lacking a team feeling when I should have been talking about Babylon itself. My complaints suubsided in both episodes tonight, but at the moment we're talking about Prototype.

    I loved them both tonight, but Prototype takes the crown as my most loved season 9 episode, with The Fourth Horseman, Part 1 trailing closely behind.

    Seeing as I ranted about the loss of team dynamic last week, I think I'll do so again, this time ranting about how the band is truly back together. Everyone had something to do, whether they were studying Anubis's lab, kicking Khalek ass, figuring out ways of stopping the sinister ******* before he ascended (heh heh, ascend-o-meter).

    I even didin't mind Lam so much tonight. There were a few good lines, like "new guy" and Khalek's obsession with calling Woolsey "Dick." That was a brilliant touch on the writer's part. Lots of action, lots of death (I'm not sadistic), and lots of violence paired in with good characterization makes for a lovely SG-1 episode. Now then, the character breakdown.

    Mitchell's pressing the button was an honest mistake. I find it hard to believe there was any way at all to comprehend what Khalek was capable of, though he still shouldn't have pressed it. Whaaatever. Otherwise, Mitchell fit right in with the team this episode, kicking ass at the end, shooting Khalek (I lost count of how many times), and acting a tad bit more than a leader. It look eight episodes to characterize him last week, but now that he's devloped a bit more I can relate to him. Very, very good thing.

    Carter seemed absent for a while, and I got worried, though my concern was unnecessary. From the promos and the spoiler episode shots on Gateworld, I feared that Carter wouldn't have a big enough role in this episode, but I felt that she was great. Quick thinking again, making the watchamacallit on the DHD send Khalek right back to Earth, and I didn't predict this until I saw the gate start to redial. Unpredictability to the very end, how kick ass can things get? But Sam truly shined in the Fourth Horseman, so I'll have lots to say there.

    Daniel rocked in this episode. Jack has definitely rubbed off on him, which probably would happen in real life. After ascension, Jack, and all of the troubles he's gone through, I'm glad he's not the same man we saw jump in front of those priests on Chulak without knowing who or what they were in Children of the Gods. Daniel has wised up, but in scenes like the elevator scene with Woolsey you can still see some of naive Daniel shine through. I think he still wants to make friends with everyone, but he now realizes that this can't always be possible. Nice charatcer moments with Woolsey, too, and again the elevator scene comes to mind.

    Teal'c has been getting a lot to do the past two weeks, and while he wasn't as heavily featured here, I'm glad he wasn't wallpaper. This is truly a team episode, and Teal'c did his part like everyone else. I pity those two soldiers, Teal'c if quite a large man to have shoved into you telekenetically.

    Landry is a great leader, and call me traitorous, but I'm starting to like him just as much as General Hammond. For someone who didn't feel like he fit in or knew what he was doing in Avalon Part 1, he sure did handle this situation well. He listened to all members of the team and their suggestions on what to do with Khalek, and he threw Woolsey out, which I truly admired him for. He realized that despite the fact the SGC would lose budget money, Khalek could not stay alive. He had the world's safety in mind BEFORE the safety of the SGC's operation, truly admirable.

    Khalek was an excellent, excellent actor. I'm straight and male, so I can't say anything on his looks like some of you have, but I know that, in the words of Christopher Judge, that "this cat can act." He was truly sinister, dare I say moreso than the hallowed Ori? Too bad I got shot, but I agree with an earlier statement that we can't have too many villians running through the galaxy, we've already got the Jaffa, Ori, and Ba'al on our hands.

    Woolsey is a great villian in that he has a conscience. He didn't get to do much more than shake things up here, but I liked him and his interactions with/to Khalek and Daniel. I know we'll be seeing more of him.

    Lam didn't piss me off! She'll never be Fraiser but maybe they're starting to humanize her some for me. Wooot!

    Finally, I'll say that I loved the last two scenes, the elevator and Mitchell-Daniel-shoot-Khalek scenes. Those were very well done and great acting done by RP, MS, BB, and NJ. Bravo, SG-1, bravo!

    Current ranking, best to worst (though I loved em all):

    The Fourth Horseman Part 1
    Avalon Part 2
    The Powers That Be
    Ex Deus Machina
    Avalon Part 1
    The Ties That Bind

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    I would say this was the best episode since vala left, and one of the best including those episodes, with a good twist ending.
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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    Regarding what was previously posted as "bloody scenes," I was a little taken aback. We see soldiers taken out a lot in the series, rarely with pools of blood; burnt out holes in uniforms but blood, not much.

    I say that only to say there was a least follow up on this bloodbath at SGC. Woolsey promised Daniel in the final scene that the families of dead servicemen will be taken care of. Someone mentioned that the body count was 8. A low number that doesn't begin to cover the loss in this particular branch and the families affected. This was welcomed, IMO, since so many soldiers die in SGC service and few mentions ever follow of their sacrifices. (Yes, the RW of Iraq and Middle East have made me more sensitive to soldiers dying "in the line of duty.")

    It made the take-down of Khalek almost a cheering event, as if shooting holes in him made up for his killings (and his intent to kill for the pleasure of it) quite justified. As indeed, it was.

    A powerful sequence, chillingly well written, directed and played.

    Just sayin'.

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    Very surprising to see an old friend of mine playing Khalek.
    Must say, they played their characer very well.

    I wasnt able to catch the entire ep, but from what I saw (15 minutes).
    Excellent. Just excellent.

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    Default Re: Prototype (909)

    Query: Who cut the grass around the gate? It was a very nicely mancured lawn.

    Also, 1/20 of the gate is buried in the ground it appears to still work, that seems odd but no odder then storing people in the buffer and then autodialing back out (I thought that cleared the buffer).... oh well, stupid nitpics I know. These did not in anyway affect my viewing of the ep. I loved the ep, but I figured someone would bring these up anyway, so I figured I might as well.

    Mitchell - great
    Sam - great
    Daniel - great (and uncharacteristically logical about killing someone, guy doesnt like anubis)
    Teal'c - great
    SG-5 - They actually survived the ep, good for them.
    Landry - liked him a lot in this ep. Way to make the decision even if it did mean a cut in the budget.
    Lam - Liked her in this ep. She acted very professional, I did expect her to argue with daniel or say she couldnt beleive they were suggesting to just kill him, but Im glad she didnt.
    Woosly - Did a good job. Dont like his character so much, but Im not supposed to like him so much so thereyougo.
    Katack (or whatever) - Did a very good job. Liked him but happy he died. I was so thinking they were going to let him get away but that Sam forwarded the gate somewhere else (ala the real anubis) but was happy they killed him. Besides like someone else said, Im sure there are more clones.
    Walter - looks nice in green.
    Siler - oh Siler, where art thou Siler.
    Redshirts -- Good job with the stunts guys come back and play extras again.
    Lighting guys -- I really liked how anubises lab was lit, maybe we can have more of that kind of lighting in the SGC.

    Very good episode. I had great fun watching it. I got the chill up my spine that has been missing for most of the season. The good guys won but there as a time when I thought they would not. Definitly an "A" ep... not Reckoning II but I would vote for it if they had another best SG-1 eps contest.... assuming i could vote for 20-40 eps.... Definitly my favorite of S9 so far.
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