Hi, everyone,

Seeing the "Viewer's Choice Marathon" tonight got me thinking again about something I've considered off and on since last season ended.

Quite often, I disagree with Gateworld's rating of an episode, and I've been wondering what the fan consensus really is. Which episodes really are the favorites, I guess. At first, I meant just to make a top ten list, but it expanded to include my twenty-five favorite episodes. I'm curious to know how your top twenty-five countdowns go, and how far off I might be from the average list of favorites. If you can only think of ten episodes, that's fine too.

My top twenty-five SG-1 episodes:

25.) Maternal Instinct
24.) Legacy
23.) The Curse
22.) Frozen
21.) Summit/Last Stand
20.) Redemption (I & II)
19.) Descent
18.) Fallen/Homecoming
17.) Children of the Gods
16.) Abyss
15.) The Fifth Race
14.) Between Two Fires
13.) Meridian
12.) A Hundred Days
11.) 1969
10.) The Enemy Within
09.) 2010
08.) Full Circle
07.) Lost City (I & II)
06.) Reckoning (I & II)
05.) Cold Lazarus
04.) Fragile Balance
03.) Window of Opportunity
02.) Threads
01.) Revelations

So... how about it?