When four of the five television Star Trek captains appeared at the Creation convention in Las Vegas last weekend, William Shatner (Kirk) and Patrick Stewart (Picard) both talked about recent life-changing events that had taken place.

Shatner, reported, had just a day before became a grandfather twice - first when his daughter Melanie gave birth to her second child (husband Joel Gretsch works with several other Trek alumni on The 4400) and again when via a "science-fiction miracle", his daughter Lisabeth - who had been told as a teenager that she would never have a child - had a baby conceived via in vitro

While onstage, Shatner was greeted by Stewart, who gave him a hug and told the crowd that Shatner had sent him a lovely note after he had heart surgery last year. Stewart had been a question mark for the convention because of his X-Men 3 shooting schedule but said he had been able to get away after early filming, which includes "one surprise which will never even appear in a script form.