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    Wink ABC's Lost writer/producer loves BSG

    BSG Unofficial Blog found this:

    ABC's Lost writer/producer loves BSG

    "chaodai" is Javier Grillo-Marxuach for those who are wondering. He appears to be a big Saul Tigh fan

    Warning: it's a long rant/piece written by Javi

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    Default Re: ABC's Lost writer/producer loves BSG

    It's a terrific entry...
    Many of his thoughts resonated with me...
    Very fond of Gollum and Boromir myself...

    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

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    Default Re: ABC's Lost writer/producer loves BSG

    i've never watched lost.....nor desperate housewives.

    ok, wait -- i take that back...i tried to watch each of them once during their pilot epsiode-- bored to tears and couldn't finish.

    DAMMIT i knew i was missing something last night!!! aaarrrrgh!!! Rescue Me!!! all day i kept thinking, what do i watch on thursday again? but i was excited because Scrubs was going to be on (turned out i'd already seen both Scrubs episodes, i thought it was the start of the new season or something, silly me) so i kept having this bothersome twitch - TV show, TV show - missing something - twitch twitch....and it JUST hit me JUST now while i'm responding to a post: I MISSED RESCUE ME!!!!!!

    good thing networks like FX and Sci Fi rebroadcast their star shows.

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