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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxian of Earth View Post
    Japan never had a chance, while the Goa'uld at that point could easily beat Earth - remember: The Tau'ri (Earth) has a snowball's chance in hell against even one mothership (them blowing the two Apophis brought was pure dumb luck and a chance of one in trillions probably (they knew the gate address and gated onto the ship, which had no gate defenses because Apophis thought that nobody knew that gate address!))!

    Nukes (even with Naquadah) don't work and there are no other weapons capable of reaching or damaging the ship

    Even during seasons 5, 6, 7 and 8 they really didn't stand a chance against even one Ha'tak if you took the drone-chair out (which the Wraith later on DID and it left Earth defenseless!)...the Prometheus couldn't damage a Ha'tak and neither can a BC-304 without APBWs!

    The Eurondan stuff would equalize the playing-field a little (who knows what they can offer? Can those Aerofighters go into space? Can they damage a Goa'uld ship? Do they have other weapons that might work (like a large version of their energy-based hand weapons)?) what Jack and Daniel do is way more immoral than working with Space-Nazis!

    They could have condemned the population of Earth to DEATH (a population they kept the secret of there being aliens that wanted them either wiped out or enslaved from! Seriously, I'd be pissed if any government did that and I would demand the heads of those leaders if something like this got out (and especially if I learned that the SGC let tons of promising technology slip through their fingers, like those Androids that Harlan made, the Eurondan tech etc. etc. - thus endangering Earth by putting their morals first instead of survival!))!

    Doing that because you are angry and feel slighted/cheated/betrayed? Damned, such a person is not fit for command! Seriously, Jack should have received some form of punishment and the rest, too!)

    Don't get me wrong, I like the team - but sometimes they act like school-children instead of professionals! Hell, they didn't even try for say a Tolan black market (I doubt that there aren't Tolan willing to sell some pieces of tech for something Earth can provide, be it materials for a researcher who didn't get a government grant (they still seem to have a capitalist society, with some elements of socialism! So you can problably still buy people!)) etc.!

    Not to mention that the SGC never established an intelligence section (they were totally dependent on the stingy and often dishonest Tok'ra -.-)

    greetings LAX

    Just to be clear, the choice the team made in the end was a moral and ethical one. It didn’t make them immoral for NOT siding with Nazis even if it would save Earth. It IS a tactically unsound idea. But as we found out it all worked out ok.
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    Default Re: The Other Side (402)

    There's absolutely nothing to suggest that technology would do any good against a Goa'uld mothership. It comes across as if you're over inflating their usefulness to justify making a deal.

    Even if the aerofighters could go into space (and that's a huge if), they're small ships with basic energy weapons. The bunker was equipped with a shield that withstood years of enemy bombardments and before that ground attacks. You might be inclined to say that bombs are not the same as energy weapons, but if those fighters had shield busting energy weapons, the enemy would have have made a point to recover downed fighters so they could reverse engineer the technology.

    What an alliance would have done was offered them better aircraft to combat death gliders with and shielding that they could have used to better protect high value targets (although, I'm guessing they wouldn't hold up all that well against motherships). That's nice, but you're making a philosophical argument that it's okay to let a bunch of racists commit genocide if what comes out of that is the means to safeguard "our" lives when the episode was actually about a choice between allowing genocide or securing marginally better technology that still couldn't prevent the Goa'uld from bombarding Earth into oblivion.

    As to the bit about Earth not having the means to tackle a Goa'uld ship at this time; they were developing technology that they thought could do that at the time of this episode. "Tangent" was 10 episodes later. In it we were given this exchange:

    That's them?

    The X-301 is equipped with stealth technology which normally wouldn't show up on radar, so we've installed a special transmitter for the test.

    These blips represent the target drones. X-301 is carrying 2 AIM-120A air-to-air missiles.

    Major, are you suggesting a slammer missile would be capable of taking out a Goa'uld mother ship?

    If it's armed with a naquadah-enhanced warhead, and modified with a shield frequency modulator, yes, Sir!
    Missiles with shield frequency modulators were never brought up again, so it's unclear if the writers forgot about it, if it was determined that they don't work, or if they were only capable of working against Goa'uld motherships at the time and became useless once Anubis introduced upgrades. Canonically, though, Carter (and likely Jack as well) would have known that they were close to completing work on a fighter that could fly into space and was to be equipped with weaponry that Carter emphatically ("yes, sir!") believed could bypass a mothership's shields.
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