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    Default your ending(i know done b4)

    plz name your ending

    place,characters,music,surprises,other races,

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    Chevron Re: your ending(i know done b4)

    ending of darkstar.

    aliens: furrlings, tok'ra, nox; asgard, wraith

    places: furrlings homeplanet- a planetoid in which they live inside mostly, the nox planet, the tollans old planet tollana, atlantis, wraith planets any will do.

    characters: jack, sam, tel'c, dan, davis, hammond, all of atlantis team, odd wraith, CGI furrlings voiced over by anybody with a really weird squeeky voice dubbed to sound like a power drill.

    music: classical odd hip hop, only kidding a new soundtrack to say the east the old is, well old.

    supprises: furrlings are the early ancestors of the Goa'uld wraith take earth in part 1, wraith get ass kicked in part 2, wraith kick ass and get destroyed in part 3, furrlings save earth, goa'uld ally with tauri, jaffa get demolished with great satisfaction from the wraith.

    ohh that is
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