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Thread: Beachhead (906)

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    Default Re: Vala's Possible Return (Spoilers for Beachhead 906)

    Yeah, I hope that doesn't happen either. I personally hope she's giving them hell over there right now.

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    Default Re: Vala's Possible Return (Spoilers for Beachhead 906)


    Newbie here so this is my first post. I'm still reeling over the loss of Vala so I don't care what she does or who, as long as she's BACK, that's what I'm hoping for.


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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    does anyone happen to have a picture of the "super stargate"?

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    Earth Symbol Re: Beachhead (906)

    This has benn a great Season
    and Beachhead is a another reason why

    Great to see Carter Back
    the Goa'uld guys wa funny
    i agree with the thought that it may be that the Ori and Goa'uld could be wroking as a team
    and seeing the Super Stargate was even cool

    Graet Eposode

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    Default Re: Vala's Possible Return (Spoilers for Beachhead 906)

    My reasoning goes something like this. A matter stream got through to the
    Ori galaxy (making the assumption because otherwise it'd be a useless scene).
    But it's just a matter stream, unless the massive stargate on the other side
    rematerialized Vala (let's hope not, since it's probably in space), the matter
    stream is intercepted by a ship of a race serving the Ori. They regenerate
    Vala, but she had amnesia. She would never remember who she is if it weren't
    for having been a host, due to what little genetic memory capability is left over.

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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    To quote Cam "Shaft" Mitchell, "Now THAT's what I'm talking about!" Perfect blend of humor, teamwork and drama! This is my favorite episode of the season. Vala was toned down and enjoyable. I'm actually going to miss her. I hope to see her again either this season or the next. Loved the Goa'uld! The actor that played him is one of my favorite character actors! What a great surprise! I didn't know he was going to be on. Loved his "fanship" of SG-1. I'm enjoying how Jack is being kept alive in the series. However, I thought RDA was actually making a "vocal" appearance . Now, if PTB will only EXPLAIN where he is!!

    SAM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Now, we can get to kicking some Orii backside!!

    There were so many little points to savor! Well done, PTB! Looking forward to next week!!

    Token ~

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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    great ep!

    SAM'S BACK!!!

    *everyone* had something to do in this ep!

    *everyone* was spot on!

    landry kicked butt. (((beau)))

    the jaffa leader (can't remember his name) is an arrogant jerk. (rock on, lou!)

    teal'c did things! he actually talked and did things!

    and vala... i think i liked her in this ep more than any other.

    i would have liked more interaction between sam and vala, but there's always another chance.

    vala lovers, don't despair. vala will be back!

    i thought vala gave up, though, much too soon in trying to get everyone to listen to her.

    the ep had energy and i was very excited when they were fighting the prior on that planet. great special effects!

    the ori are super intimidating villians. love that!

    the goauld guy was great! i can't remember the actor's name, but he's always wonderful in his work.

    but what got to me more than anything else was the sam was back. my fave character and actress. i think at this time (missing sam so much), sam could have stood there staring at a wall and drooling and i'd be jumping up and down.

    the show finally felt like a stargate ep to me!!

    (still miss jack/rda, though... )

    bring on the next ep!


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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    Quote Originally Posted by Arative
    I also loved the line when Vala said not everything she said was inuendo, just a little dig at some people who complained all she talked abou was sex.
    I didn't see it as a dig at all. I saw it as acknowledgement.

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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    I thought this ep was great from start to finish. Suspenseful story (I'm still queasy over it), great effects, great character interaction. The Goa'uld was fantastically slimy and sure had me believing him.

    Daniel looked so freakin' hot and once again had such presence throughout. He looked especially good in the space suite for some weird reason. He and Vala are so sparky together, every time he tells her to shut up I expect him to grab her and kiss the crap out of her, and I'm a J/D OTP'er!

    It was so great that Vala had the out-of-the-box solution. I'm going to miss her very much.

    Teal'c is starting to have a big role to play. Mitchell contributed a lot to the strategy and I loved his nuke-o-phobia. Sam stuck to the technobabble which was fine for a first time back. I cannot understand the tangled hair. It's just distracting.

    I knew right away that the force field was feeding on the nuke. Seen too many similar plots elsewhere I guess.

    The basketball scene was great but I had a hard time imagining Daniel being so competitive about it as to say "kick your @ss" . He doesn't strike me as the sports type. Maybe he's grown into after all those years hanging out with military types and watching hockey with Jack.

    To me they are 6 for 6 with good episodes so far. The best record since S3 IMO.

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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    wow, that was awesome. anyone else notice daniels aattitude as in "this is a military ship, as in less talking, more shut the hell up!"? I loved that!
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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    Anyone else notice Syler outfitted in a nice uniform escorting the Goa'uld back to earth?
    I'm proud to be an American.
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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    sgatelvr -

    For fracks sakes!

    I just said that his layups were weak! The ball didn't go towards the hoop once! As a basketball player I have to say that whoever directed that scene did a bad job.

    I didn't say anything negative about the actor or the character. Other than he couldn't do a layup.

    I like Mitchell...even though it's basically watching Ben Browder on Stargate as opposed to an actual new character on the show. Still he's about as good of a replacement for RDA as you can get.

    I like Browder and Mitchell for the record. The basketball scene didn't resemble the game at all to me. Like I said you shoot the ball towards the hooop, not behind your head so it lands next to Beau Bridges.

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    Exclamation Re: Beachhead (906)

    Quote Originally Posted by CmptrGk
    does anyone happen to have a picture of the "super stargate"?
    Here she is forming:

    Here is Vala flying into her to disrupt the Singularity Field:

    Vala "docked" with the Super Gate:

    Here's the Super Gate trying to activate with the Singularity Field in the background:

    Here's the Super Gate alone, note Vala is docked shorting out the connection:

    Here goes the Singularity Field going nova:

    Aww... there she goes I'm gonna miss this gate:


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    Talking Re: Beachhead (906)

    Also, I really like Ben Browder as Cameron Mitchell, so this is not meant as offiensive to him or the character at all, but I guess now you can really say we literally got the "Shaft" by getting Cameron Mitchell as the leader of SG-1 .

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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    Noooooo. Must. Not. Kill. Vala.

    *whew* So glad she's alive and safe. It means opportunity for future (and hopefully many) recurring appearances...again. If they had killed Vala...

    Hee. Daniel's line about "We wanted to send them a message," might just be about the best of all the great Daniel-Vala (and even Mitchell) lines from these first six episodes. I think I've laughed more and harder during the beginning of this season than I have during most of the rest of the series. True, I thought Jack had funny moments, and there was often great banter between characters, but I think Daniel-Vala might just be about the best there is. Plus, I think the balance between the humor and the seriousness (and the intensity of the Ori) has been fabulous, and I've been loving the season as a result. And I think the whole bracelet thing has to be one of the best plot devices ever; it worked so wonderfully as an excuse to make Vala come on all the missions with Daniel.

    (Hmm, Daniel passed out again; how many times has that happened now this season? )

    Carter's return, I'll admit, was a lot less trumped up than I imagined it would be. I kind of groaned at the whole "we need someone who can think outside the box" because I'm so fearing the return of Super Sam, and I'd really like a Carter that can't save the day all the time in every way. I guess she really didn't this time; poor woman didn't even get to go to the planet with them.

    However, I did get excited at the image of the four of them (Carter, Daniel, Teal'c and Mitchell) walking up the ramp and through the gate; I'm excited about this SG-1.

    Yay, the return of Baal; this show gets better and better.

    Did anyone else think the Goa'uld (forgot his name alread; Nerus?) was going to turn out to be an Ori? I guess maybe not, because I thought I read that we won't meet them until later in the season.
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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    Quote Originally Posted by Arative

    I think Daniel was truly sorry to see Vala go and he's happy that she didn't die. I know that I'd certainly love to see her become a recurring character. I also loved the line when Vala said not everything she said was inuendo, just a little dig at some people who complained all she talked abou was sex.
    I agree...his life just became a tad less, um...interesting? Entertaining? I mean, being adored can't be that difficult. Can it?

    There were a few little digs from Vala, that I think represented a little payback to some of the criticisms, the innuendo line being one of them. I think she also mentioned something about knowing when she wasn't wanted when they were about to walk onto the Stargate, and a few before that.

    I also LOL at the part where the "bad guy" (I cannot remember his name but let's call him chicken-lover) looked at Mitchell and started to say "you're not--" and Mitchell responded "nope" then he goes down the line to Vala and pointed out that she wasn't Carter. To me, another, "no, they're not O'Neill and Carter"--funny!

    And I am so very glad that the girls didn't catfight or anything stupid. Sam was wary but not nasty, her "back up singer" line playing great off Mitchell's "the band is back together", and Vala actually seemed to respect what Sam had to say, which is very different than how she treated the guys. I suspect Vala has a lot more respect for women than men. I sure would like to see more between these two ladies.

    Also, loved Daniel's line about needing to think outside the box. Who was more outside the box than Vala? Oh, and also her comment about the ship--can't remember exactly, but something about yes, she knew, it was the ship she'd stolen.

    And even I as a johnny come lately fan appreciated the team going up the rampto the gate..and also loved Vala's sashaying through it, trying to look cool but actually appearing to be quite hurt at the realization that she was definitely not part of this team. It was just a great way to show all the characters without saying anything. Very cool.

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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    As we patiently wait for Mio's tivo to transfer the files over...I really need to figure out why I'm getting such crappy speeds...

    Ah. Here we go.

    Edit: Oh. Someone beat me to it. Ah well. As I said...Crappy transfer speeds. The stupid file should have taken like half an hour less than it did to move. I think my ethernet switch is acting up.

    Edit Edit: 3 of mine are brighter
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    Earth Symbol Re: Beachhead (906)

    A very good episode. The whole thing with Nerus ("Chicken! I want more chicken!") in the beginning was hilarious, and the Priors are getting creepier and creepier. I must say, I wasn't really surprised by the shield drawing power from the weapon's fire. I had kept pretty spoiler-free from this ep as well, but I just knew that the Jaffa had to be feeding it.

    I must say, however, that I was taken aback by the Super-gate! Although when I first saw it, the first words out of my mouth (at least thirty seconds before Carter said it) was "Oh, wow! They're making a super-gate!"

    I'm gonna miss Vala. Despite her crude innuendo, she's a very enjoyable character who I saw as having some real character development potential. I loved that basketball game in the beginning with her. And I think Daniel's life will definitely be a little less interesting now, as well.

    Once again, SG-1 makes another killer comeback. Four and 1/2 stars out of five.
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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    Okey doke, my opinion for the beans it's worth. Well, I have fun writing them anyway.

    The following are what I scrawled down in my notebook whilst watching and I'll elaborate along side.

    Tick tock...Firefly, go away...hmm hmm de da da - ah!

    Ori - SNORE. Btw, I'm hoping that as an Ori, you get to pick out your own outfits and choice color or makeup because the whole pale, stiff-neck thing? Ain't happenin' over here, uh uh. (That's pretty concise)

    ROFLMAO!! T does 'The Bump'!! LMAO!!!! (Now that I think of it, he was about to bump poor vala right out of frame. He should designate that bumper as a lethal weapon. )

    DANNY SHAVED!! THERE IS A GOD!!!! (Well, Hallelujah!! The man scraped the horrible gerbil off!! My mom and I atributed it to the fact that Carter was coming back and he didn't want her to see how slovenly he had become during her absence. I mean, some people look good with the beard but he looks like the lazy hubby types who sit in plaid beer nut crumbed couches in barf colored plaid shirts and their underpants with the peekaboo hole with a beer in one hand, remote in the other, letting go totally. Now, danny couldn't let Sam see him like that so he pulled himself together a bit, know what I'm sayin'? )

    Ha! HA HA HAAAAAA. (This when Mitchy said he was leader of SG-1. Over my DEAD BODY!! Please! Oh - I can't even START to get over THAT one! )

    Nero? that you..Mr. Wolfe..? And did he just say something to vala about her being carter? ( I must've misunderstood, yeah. what did he say now? )

    Oh boy, do I see a T/vala ship on the horizon? (I'm just noticing 'cause it seems she's taken to bouncing around him a lot. Maybe she just likes muscles. who doesn't? )

    Taps fingers....where's Carter already... *siiiggghhhh*...

    And shortly after...

    THE KING - QUEEN HAS RETURNED! ALL HAIL THE CARTER!!!!! (followed by much laughter and pillows gleefully flying and over all partying. )

    Wait - one line and already she's suited up? Hold on...oh, I think something burst... (Ok, This is Carter S9 DEBUT. ONE LINE, and she's already back in action???? No glances of suprise or shock??? No meaty hugs or broad smiles??? Or bows??? NOTHING??? My god, Lt Col. Carter is back on deck and NO ONE HAS ANYTHING TO SAY except a feeble 'Oh yeah, welcome back" From Daniel?????? I mean, when Kirk came back from where ever in whatever movie or ep, PEOPLE STARED, PEOPLE SMILED, PEOPLE ACTED HAPPY!! Not like, 'Oh, hey, there ya are, so you decided to show up, huh? Well, glad yoru back now let's get back on track' First Jack's sucky exaunt now Sam's sucky entro! GUUUHHH!! Where will it end????

    Little did I know...


    OMG, Carter has practicaly nary a close up of that new hair she's growing the mane out - meanwhile Vala is running her mouth to no end. SHE'S GOT MORE FRICKEN LINES!!! Geez, she's like that Duracel bunny or those big red teeth mouths with feet that jump up and down chattering! Gah!
    And another thing...

    Ok, I know everyone want's to see the not-so-puny earthlings with ships of thier own, but people, listen, the show is called Stargate SG-1 - which implies that the Stargate is more than just a pretty looking working prop in the B.g, 'kay? The show is not called 'Prometheus', there is no 'beam me up Scotty' unless it's in jest and the Asgard are doing the beaming. There is no 'Captain on deck' because that would be too over done, there is no 'Thrusters to full power - prepare for lightspeed and crank to warp drive ten' BECAUSE THIS IS STARGATE WHICH MEANS YOU GO THROUGH THAT PRETTY CIRCULAR OBJECT IN THE INTRO TO THE SHOW, SILLY!! What's the point of having a Stargate if you can go other places in an stupid junker like the proemtheus???? Am I not seeing something here?? This IS starGATE, right?? Or have I been watching the wrong channel...

    During commercial break, I came up with a new slogan.


    Ah, carter techno babble. Cute...I'm not feelin' it for some reason..oh god no, it's Jack all over again...

    HOLD - WAIT - HOLD ZE TELEPHONE! Vala is down where everything's happening...and Carter - that blonde chick from S1-8, anyone? Remember her? She's up in the boring ship.... This is wrong in - OH so many ways.

    (I forgot to mention that I found the whole part when they were in the SGC funny because I could see what they were setting up for. Oh, nobody listens to Vala, Vala's trying to say something the best way she can - she can't help that she's goofy, but you should still listen to her, don't leave her out. Yeah, I could see what was happening. I was afraid of it and sure enough...

    Ooooooh, Carts said a bad wooo-ooord!! (She's said 'damn' before yeah...just never noticed it I don't think.... )

    (meanwhile, as they detonated the stupid b-o-m-b I was thinking, y'know, maybe the reason why the ori force feild is growing is because your genius technology is feeding it. I was wondering why Carter hadn't said it before so I figured something must be horribley wrong cause I don't usually see the answer coming from a mile away before the Great and Powerful Carter. THEN...

    SHE'S JUST NOW FIGURING THAT OUT???? (There are only so many Carter related snafus I can take before the character turns into someone you might not trust being alone with in a dark, enclosed space for fear you'll be trapped there with 'rusted genius' till your 45th birthday...)

    I wrote some kind of ode here - or sonnet, something...

    I have entered a world encompassed by confusion
    Convoluted Chaos
    A web of tangled anarchy
    With mind boggling SFX
    No need to adjust my television
    I'm not in the Twilight Zone 'niether
    It's the wicked, wild, wacky, warped worldly world
    Of Season 9

    So after the huge SG in space scene...

    I REALIZED the true horror of the episode. Since Vala first ran ahead defiantly into the gate - a symbol that she was not part of the team and that she was going ahead as a sacrifice for something - I knew it was all building up to something. And Lord Lo and Behold, the Silenced Patriot, down to her final straw, dashes off to save the crippled SG team and consequently, the universe - who - even armed with an seemingly knowledge impotent Carter - were reduced to babbling amoung themselves. So, Vala has her moment in the sun of the galactic saviours at the last moment before enevitable doom - or so it seems. Now, it would have been an extremely tacky way to get rid of a character and I'm getting Pete vibes actually cause in a way, I feel sorry for her, the way she was bumped out of the crowd once Carter came back. Kind of reminds me how I used to feel when I was in school, left out becuase hey - I was just the spunky New Kid - The Cool Group'd been together for forever, they didn't need me, and that's how she was treated, like they didn't need her - but in the end, they did need her even if they didn't know it. So, there it is. The annoying turned into the valient. TPTB are sneaky devils They've managed to make me at least sympathize with a grand total of TWO previously annoying characters. Bravo guys. Bravo.

    So kiddies, what have we learned? In the words of the slightly foul mouthed Frank off of Everybody Loves Raymond:

    Mark IX's are exploding c**p. Prometheus's are floating c**p. Ori Priors are Book Of Ori thumping c**p.

    I suppose carter's return should be making me happier, but since as I suspected, they used her as a Vala buffer, my elation was fun while it lasted. *shrug*

    Hallowed are The Gods of Sci Fi Programming. and whatever sub-gods and godesses be they...

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    Default Re: Beachhead (906)

    Quote Originally Posted by UhSir
    My husband had Nerus pegged after the excuse-me-you've-got-a-bit-of-gravy-on-the-edge-of-your-mouth scene. He said Landry needs to lock him up until he loses about a hundred pounds then drag him back out and ask him again! I laughed so hard! Then at the end Landry did just that! LMAO!

    edited to fix the scene reference
    wasn't maury chaykin (nerus) and beau (landry) wonderful! we saw two pros in action!


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