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    Default Re: The Ties That Bind (904)

    This episode reminds me of a M*A*S*H episode. The whole lets swap this device for this other device is done a lot of times in comedies. And that is how this episode should be approached. If you take the episode to be seriously then the episode falls on its feet because the episode is meant to be funny. The interaction of Vala's past makes it funny becuase of the crazy and humerous antics of her former partners. While the humor is what makes this episode awesome its also what dooms the episode. Because this is an humor episode its hard to take the Lucian Alliance seriously in this episode and the rest of S9 and S10. It took SGU to take them seriously. The episode also lacks a conclusion as the bracelets are still connecting them. I kind of disliked how that storyline was solved
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    Jelgate is right

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    Default Re: The Ties That Bind (904)

    I decided to give the new SG1 another episode...

    1. First time round...well reread by '05 post, I gave up on the show after this ep.

    2. This time round wasn't bad but it was just meh. It felt like filler. I suppose that's an improvement.

    3. Vala...still a bit nuts.

    4. Mitchell. Not his finest hour.

    Ah well..I'll stick with this for the rewatch still...the ep partially redeemed itself...

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    Default Re: The Ties That Bind (904)

    This one was kind of boring. Don't really like Vala that much. Seemed like a filler episode, dragging out - And it was all for nothing in the end. Do we even get to know what happens with the Lucians? I hope so ...

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    Default Re: The Ties That Bind (904)

    A very middle of the road episode for me. Kind of reminded me of two different DS9 episodes, one serious and one funny.

    I think the only reason I didn't hate this episode is because I'm a fan of Ms Black. However, she couldn't push it into love levels. I think we been getting to much Daniel of late. I like the actor but don't need to see him so much.

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    Default Re: The Ties That Bind (904)

    No, we shalln'tis the best line ever!!!!
    I love CB and MS in this scene - great, absolutely great.
    The ep was okay but I'll never forget that scene in Jackson's room.

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