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    Default Thor Appreciation Thread

    Although I'm sure this topic has been done to death, I couldn't find a recent one so I made it. Thor the one and only. I mean who could deny how cute Thor is? He's small and cuddly. In fact all Asgard are cute and cuddly but Thor is extra cuddly. He's brilliant, kind, friendly, but those are just a few of his great qualities. Remember when Heimdall from the episode
    Revelations said, "Ahh humans." I loved that quote, even though it's not by Thor, it's classic and I love it. Wouldn't you just hope aliens are that nice in real life? This is a topic for discussion and pictures of him. I'll start:

    Haha, did you know Daniel Jackson did Thor's voice?

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    Default Re: Thor Appreciation Thread

    gumboYaYa: you are all beautiful, your words and openness are what make that shine. don't forget how much talent love and beauty you all have. so for now, peace love love love more love and happy, and thank you, thank you, thank you
    love Torri

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