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    Default Timeline continuity error? (possible spoilers)

    hey, im in Australia and i just watched Before I Sleep and then it hit me.
    If the Ancients from Atlantis went back to earth 10000 years ago then wouldn't they have been under wraith rule. I say this because in SG1, cant remember the episode name, but the one were Osiris takes Daniels old girlfriend host, they date Osiris' key for her ship to be over 10000 years old.

    Is this just a discrepency between the shows or did i mis understand something.

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    Default Re: Timeline continuity error? (possible spoilers)

    I think you're looking for this thread.
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    Default Re: Timeline continuity error? (possible spoilers)

    sorry about that. But that question has been buggin me all day and in Australia we haven't even finished season 1.

    Thanks for the link anyway.

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