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    Default Charmed renewed for another season!

    Even the directors thought the show was to end after this past season. The season finale was a perfect ending to a long run by this show. The usual door closing at the end of each years finales. I don't know how they will write the characters back in with the same actors if they actually changed their appearences so they can hide.

    I have watched this show with my fiance for years. So I am sort of into it, and besides that...guys my age have had crushes on Alyssa Milano since 'Whose the Boss'.

    Is anyone else excited about the next season, or should have they just left it alone?

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    Default Re: Charmed renewed for another season!

    We already have a Charmed thread (not very aptly named, I admit) in this folder. Please continue the discussion there.

    Thank you!

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